• Police brutality doesn't discriminate - and neither should we when it comes to punishing the police for what they do

    The news story of the unnecessary death of an innocent Husky was depressing enough. Then you add in the fact that the dog was murdered by police who were investigating the wrong house. It's incidents like this that should force us to recognize that police commit brutality towards animals as well as humans, and that police should be punished no matter what for what they do.

  • Yes, everyone should be held to the same standards.

    Yes, the police should not be any more protected from the law than the citizens they protect. If police officers are guilty of brutality and abuse towards animals, they should be punished with the same penalties that all people are. There is no reason that they can justify harming animals if they are not defending themselves.

  • Yes, brutality towards animals is horrible and anyone who commits it should be punished.

    Yes, anyone who shows cruelty towards animals should be punished for it, I don't care who they are! It is a sad but true fact that there are police officers out there who abuse their position or think they can get away with anything. We need to show them that this is not the case.

  • Animal cruelty needs to be punished

    We should not tolerate animal brutality in any form, no matter who is committing it. Police officers have the duty to protect the citizens, but this does not mean they are immune to any laws. If they are cruel and inhumane to any animal, they should face the same laws as everyone else does.

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