• We need them cameras

    I think it would be good if the police could shoot all crimes and ZIP face thieves and others. And showing this video to court and win the court and the offender will enter the court for violation of laws. And I like when the police walk in the Camera.

  • No trust in police

    Many police officers and law enforcement officials are not trusted by citizens today. They have far too much power and any average man can become a police officer. These officers are not trusted because of the history that we have had. Many innocent people have been killed by crooked cops that are unlawful.

  • They need them

    Not only can it save lives, but it can help people with accusations. Most of the time, the police get blamed for things that they do not do. This can show the people that the police do not do everything. People need to stop making the police look like the bad guys.

  • Yes, police officers should wear cameras on duty.

    I think they should, there's so much drama and so many rumors going around about how police officers are racist and kill African Americans or how African American police officers kill white people, I believe police officers should be forced to wear cameras, as it allows them to not only say their part of the incident, but to be able to physically show whomever.

  • Cameras SHOULD be Required

    Although many think it would be a nuisance, police wearing cameras would solve many unanswered questions about what had happened and whether or not the police was provoked into using violent ways to solve the problem. It would also help cases involved with two people and the police by proving whether or not something did or did not happen.

  • Cameras Are Truly Needed

    They can help prevent violence, which keep citizens safe. Which is good because it can prevent population loss. It can also improve transparency and accountability in order to protect those on both sides of the lens. Finally they help by preventing another case like the Micheal Brown case. That is why it is a good idea.

  • I think we should have speed cameras

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  • Body cameras would help our police determine if deaths are on purpose or intentional.

    Birmingham police tried the body cameras and citizen complaints have dropped quite a bit. Reaseach has shown that the cameras should help police officers to behave better during their work hours. Also many people think this is an invation of privacy, well you see the cameras are only do work hours and you don't truly get privacy in work hours anyway so this is not much of a change. So please use body cameras it is a good opportunity to help police around us.

  • Cameras are needed

    Police should be required to cameras, not only will it prevent violence with police but it will be able to be accountable for a police's behavior. Even if its costly and could be damaged pretty quickly it could still probably save a bunch of lives through a simple footage of what actually happened.

  • Police should wear body cams

    Police should wear body cameras because it gives evidence of the crime, what happened assuming someone was injured, how they were injured/killed and why. There has been many examples of people being killed by police officers, but even if it was the police officers fault, they wouldn't be blamed because there is no supporting evidence that the police officer intended to kill the man or women. As a result, police officers should wear body cameras.

  • It really doesn't matter!!!!!

    Tbh it really doesn't matter if cameras are put on cops because they still gonna get away with murder and the can,eras won't really captured all the footage for the evidence... So wants a point.....????
    OK so stop trying to do something good knowing that its not good at all.

  • Cameras should not be required

    The cons of law enforcement being required to wear body cameras heavily outweigh the pros. The cameras are costly and easily damaged, they would violate not only the privacy of the police officer but also the public. Day to Day work would also be harder for police. Confidential informants may be afraid to give information to police that are wearing body cameras. The cameras will also lead to more police officers being accused and getting in trouble for petty/political problems.

  • Obviously, probably not

    Cameras that are worn on the chest will be blocked by the officer’s hands in most use-of-force interactions. Most camera lenses worn on the head can’t move and don’t have an ability to record an officer’s peripheral vision. Cameras also can’t show muscle tension, expression, an officer’s eye blinking, and other things that can’t be recorded. Lenses on a camera can adapt better in low light conditions which could present a false reality. Some cameras can only capture close up incidents. The cameras won’t capture everything.

  • Police should wear cameras

    Police should wear cameras because of the evidence, protect themselves, improve public trust in the police. If there had no CCTV, but we know how is it, but we can't prove who is it. And wearing cameras protect police from damage from criminal,also it can be evidence. Lastly, if we catch criminal to police's cameras, public can believe police from a dangerous world. So, I think police should be required to wear cameras.

  • I fully trust the police

    If you don't respect the police then why don't you go risk your life everyday. It should be an option. If someone tried attacking you or tried taking your weapon would you just let them? I know i wouldn't! So why don't you guys have some respect for the police who risk their lives for us everyday!

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  • To costly and invades privacy

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  • Never, wrong ideas guys.

    Body cameras would be useless to the police and the public because of many reasons, first, doing this will favor the public, rather than police munchkins feed on donuts and justice, second, the cameras show that someone HIGHER than the police is looking to see if the specific officer is in the wrong, lastly, this is pointless, because SATAN WILL RISE.


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