• No no no

    Police officers shouldn't be able to carry a gun due to the fact that they are shooting unarmed people, when they could of solved it a different way, a life , a family, and a job could of been saved. Shouldn't pepper spray, beating stick, teasers and hand cuffs be enough ! If gun were never invented there would be no need for armed police officers.

  • Police shuld carry guns at all time.

    I think it is very importnant for police man to have gun. Its is for the protection of citizens. With increasin crimes and illegal weapons out there, it important for police to have arms as well. Police mans are officailly trained and tested for using weapons, so i rather have weapons in safe hand.

  • Police and guns

    Police should be given the option if they would like to carry a gun. Police carrying a gun may lack their performance because many police officers be guarding their gun more than doing their job. If the gun gets into the wrong hands for instance -- robbed, then it the Police Officers responsibility.
    I think they should carry guns put only use them if a other person fired and refuse to put their weapons down. There can be many debate with gun because people may get shot for no reason E.G. London tube station , a man got mistake for a terrorist and was shot dead.
    Then you get officer who been killed , may be if they had a gun could of it been prevented.

  • Police should be armed

    Unfortunately NZ society has reached a stage where we need to have armed police on patrol because it is a major safety hazard to the police and possibly the citizens of NZ. This is a major flaw in NZ safety, most other countries police force carry guns so why don’t we do the same.
    Police are trying to look after NZ so why don’t we allow them to defend themselves. In the last 2 years 9 police have been shot and 2 of them have been fatal, one man got stabbed in the face and died because the taser is a one shot deal and he missed. There are some people that think carrying guns is ok, it is not that hard to conceal a pistol in your jacket pocket and then shoot someone.
    The NZ population has also changed their mind about the police carrying guns more than half in a recent survey want the police to be armed. The criminals are getting more powerful and better armed while the police are getting less. The cost of a taser is almost the same as a gun and guns have more than one shot and the reload speed is faster. The police should carry guns because they are less likely to be opposed and if the police can subdue the scum that assault them then there will be less scum.

    Posted by: Domo
  • Yes, they need to be armed.

    As long as there is a criminal element that is armed and dangerous police need to also be armed, primarily to protect the public, but also to protect themselves. We cannot ask policemen to do their jobs without some assurance that they can defend themselves. Also, in the recent Sandy Hook shooting, if that gunman was still alive when the police arrived what would they have been able to do without guns? That shooter would have needed to be killed in order to protect any more people from being shot.

  • I believe that police should carry guns.

    It is crucial for police to carry guns. The primary purpose of a police officer is to find, arrest, and convict criminals. Criminals are defined as people who break the law and they are usually armed. If police officers must combat criminals, they can only do so effectively with weapons

  • Yes They Should

    Police should have guns on them during their hours of duty. They are sometimes placed in dangerous environments and I think that is better to be safe than sorry. Having a gun doesn't necessarily mean they use it all the time. It is just a precaution they take just in case.

  • Of Course

    Police are targets if we like it our not and need the weapons and armor to stay alive and do their job. While I wish their was stricter punishments for trigger happy police the answer is not to disarm them. Keep them armed increase their training and fire or imprison those who exceed necessary force.

  • Danger and unpredictability of their job means that guns are an essential form of protection

    When a policemen is asked to respond to an emergency they cannot tell how dangerous the situation will turn out to be. Take the horrific murders of policewomen Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes. They were called to the scene of their fatal shooting on response to a suspected burglary. They would have never of guessed that a former mobster, the cold physco Dale Creagen, had lured them into a trap. Both women were immediately killed with a grenade and handgun. If those two unfortunate women had been allowed to carry a gun, not as special unit like a S.W.A.T team but as normal policewomen, then they may still be alive.

  • Yes and No

    They should be allowed to go around and blow peoples heads off, when and if they need to. Yes there are some bad things when it comes to the cops having the power of possessing a Firearm, but on the same point, the way that the world is nowadays, it is not exactly safe just walking out of your front door sometimes, so yeah the cops should be allowed to carry guns with them. But at the same time they should also know when and where to use them.

  • Why does the U.S. police need military like weapons?

    We live in a civilized society, not a military zone. Police and SWAT teams should NOT be allowed to carry anything beyond a six shooter. Too many innocent people and children are brought to justice by a single person with adrenaline and perhaps steroids pumping in their veins. Pepper spray or a good thump on the noggin should be enough to subdue any suspect.

  • Absolutely not, too many innocent murdered

    They completely take advantage of their power, this is a deadly weapon, one shot and your dead beating sticks and pepper spray are enough! Too many innocent dead by our own protection team!! I feel frightened more by the police than by anyone! Because they are the only ones walking around with these weapons attached to their belts! NONONO

  • Police should not be issued firearms

    The job of the Police is to maintain order and keep the peace, which can be more effectively done with a baton or tonfa. They are not special or above the law, as much as some officers seem to think so. If they wish to purchase a firearm and carry it as a private citizen I fully support it, but only for self defense, like any other citizen. They need to be held accountable to the same standard that everyone is. (Same goes for politicians!) The only exception is that I would support maintaining a SWAT team armed with rifles and the like for the purpose of dealing with gangs and other well armed criminals. Beat cops have no need to be issued firearms.

  • No they shouldn't

    We have a friendly country. Police should only be allowed to carry candy for sick children. If someone commits a crime, the police should try to rationally talk them out of it, and perhaps offer them candy. Police should always be criticized for failure and never rewarded for accomplishment too.

  • Unnecessary - look at those countries where they aren't carried.

    Only specialist units should carry guns. Countries where the police don't carry guns have better police-public relations and lower gun crime.

    Police are a community service, not a military unit. The don't have the training to make life and death decisions and nor should they. They're there to make society better, not worse.

  • Guns are not the solution

    I love the method of the British Police Force. As long as they have trained officers in the use of firearms, then depending on the situation, they should be used. But the general bobby no way do they need to carry anything more than cuffs and a baton. Thank god I don't live in America

  • They should not

    I think that there is no need for police officers to carry guns in the uk as very few people are allowed guns so therefore there would be no reason. If the police were to carry guns there would be many more accidental deaths. The London riots were caused by someone being shot when they did not have a gun so think of the effects it would have if every officer had guns

  • They should not

    I think that there is no need for police officers to carry guns in the uk as very few people are allowed guns so therefore there would be no reason. If the police were to carry guns there would be many more accidental deaths. The London riots were caused by someone being shot when they did not have a gun so think of the effects it would have if every officer had guns

  • There are many other ways of dealing with criminals

    In the 21st century one would have expected that, instead of using violence to assert dominance, diplomacy and less lethal ways of dealing with criminals would be applied. There are many perfectly harmless ways of stopping a criminal of committing crime without killing them and not giving them a chance to think about their predicament.

  • Power and Authority

    An officer in possession of a firearm will often use that firearm to assert authority that he may or may not have. The authority that a police officer holds is far too easy for said officer to abuse (and often is abused), and putting a deadly weapon in the hands of that officer makes it exponentially easier for him to do so.

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Score94 says2013-09-18T04:48:53.667
Guns should be OK for police to use.
TA2014 says2014-08-19T08:25:03.927
Absolutely not. Uk police do just fine without guns.