Should police officers and Black Lives Matter protesters work together?

  • It is the best way to solve the problem.

    The country will not get anywhere if all anyone does is condemn the other side. The Black Lives Matter movement can't change anything by just protesting, and police officers can't expect these protestors to just believe them. The only way to solve this problem is for both sides to work together.

  • Yes, police officers need to band together with the community to stop corruption

    Since most police officers are non-violent, non-racist and want to protect and serve as they should, those officers should band together with the community and community activists to show that they are serious about stopping the violence. First, though, there needs to be a huge change in the way police handle the reporting of corruption within the department. Until the good officers feel safe reporting the bad officers, the same actions will continue.

  • There can be no progress unless everyone works together.

    If police officers and Black Lives Matter protesters work together, they will have no choice to concede (on both sides) that they are working for the same thing. No one wants people of any color to die, and I think that both sides should have the clarity to see that something needs to be done about the law enforcement issues that have been all over the news recently. Everyone wants the world they live in to be safe, whether that is same from police overextension or safe from violent protesters or safe from crime in general. The groups honestly are working toward the same goal but looking at it through different lenses, which is the main cause of strife between the two groups. If they could put their differences aside and start working together they would see tremendous progress toward making the world a better place for the future.

  • Yes, they should be on the same side.

    Police officers should believe that black lives matter, and should support the basic tenants of the Black Lives Matter movement. This in a nutshell, is what the black lives matter movement is asking for. By working together and solving goals, they will be accomplishing what the Black Lives Matter movement wanted.

  • No, police officers and Black Lives Matter protesters should not work together.

    There are legitimate arguments about unfair police practices when it comes to certain communities in America. However, the Black Lives Matter movement has helped promote threatening rhetoric and violence toward police officers. Law enforcement should not subject themselves to a group that has so many members promoting hate. Instead, the United States should make criminal justice reforms that would improve relations between the police and the communities they work in.

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