• Nothing but Chaos

    Aligning to a particular party has cost us very much. While it seems like the two parties present in today's society are seemingly opposing, covering a broad spectrum of commoners' tastes, they are essentially the same thing. Obama has Obamacare; Romney has Romneycare. Really, this bickering is essentially reduced to one's opinion of if they like red or blue the most.

  • I Think They Should

    They serve no other purpose than to promote chaos, division, and inefficiency. Washington and the founding fathers warned us against the evils of partisanship, now we have seen the repercussions. In my opinion, politicians should run as individuals instead of being poster boys for whatever party they are a part of. This allows for a more efficient republic and democracy.

  • Political Parties MUST Be Banned For The Sake Of Progress

    They only cause dissension in America. When one party has Congress and the other is in the Oval Office, nothing gets done. When one party controls both, the president will sign off on anything his home party puts in front of him. It is ridiculous to think that politicians will put the good of their respective parties before the good of America.

  • They've wrecked the country!

    Political parties make it too hard to elect the best candidate for all people. Until we eliminate parties, we will continue to have extremist candidates and a divided country. If politicians weren't aligned down narrow lines, voters would be forced to know values of each candidate. Let's wake up people!

  • Throw them all out

    All they do is suck up time and money- they force elected officials to spend time away from the duties they were elected to do and spend time fundraising for the parties they belong to. This is not we the people have elected them to do. The system has failed, time to start over.

  • To Much Selfishness

    I say yes political parties should be banned all they talk about is how terrible the other candidates are they no longer express what they are gonna do to help this country they are too selfish and it is only making the political process slower with more drama and arguing.

  • Independence is key

    The system of political parties has messed up the whole political system. It causes us to overlook possibly great politicians solely because we are from a different party. If we eliminate the party system, the best candidate available will win every single election. There would also be more peace in congress.

  • Political Parties are Pointless

    There is too much division in today's political parties on important issues. Both parties are divided based on certain issues. I feel people try to vote too much with the party. My social views are very Republican, my foreign policy issues lean Libertarian/Republican, my economic views are moderately conservative, I lean left with environmental issues, and my educational views lean Democrat. I feel neither the Republican or Democrat parties are favorable for this conservative Catholic voter. What's wrong with opposing abortion, contraception, and same sex marriage while believing man-made global climate change is a thing?

  • Blindness, Emptiness, Stupidity

    Voting has become about the letter (R or D) that follows the name and not so much the issues on which that person stands for. I watched a Republican win the Clerk or Courts position with only a $500 donation, from their self over a democrat had had worked in the office as a clerk for over 20 years and campaigned throughout the whole county.

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  • They need the unity

    Individual couldn't possibly have the money to fund their campaigns alone. So only the corrupt and/or rich people can become politicians?
    In poorer countries this is an even bigger problem since the amount of rich people tend to be less.
    So every country would be an oligarchy of the rich if political parties are banned.

    Also, no one person is a perfect leader. They can use the advice they may get from fellow party members. If there were no parties and every man for himself scenario. Then nobody will want to advise each other on doing their jobs better

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  • Political parties are important even they are "dirty" sometimes

    The debate party is media for people with same vision in politic also a media to go into politic much easier. If we didnt have political paryies those people who have interest, will totally confuse, because they wont know whose gonna help him tahat have same vision with him, we need political parties

  • They should NOT control our primaries...

    There is no need to ban political parties outright. In fact, the party a candidate aligns with can give citizens a better understand of the principles practiced by said candidate.

    But these political parties should not control our primary elections. As it stands now, political parties exert complete control over primaries and they operate completely outside of federal elections law until the primary process is over and a candidate has already been chosen. This has allowed the two major parties to provide only controlled choices in every presidential election since their inception.

    If we are going to allow the parties to control the primary process, we need to seriously consider switching to an approval voting system where all parties can be adequately represented.

    Posted by: Tink

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