Should political parties be removed from ballots?

  • It just means that the party with the more informed voters will win.

    That is the way that it should be anyway. It will also give the independent candidates a better shot since the elections would be based on purely on merit of ideas and policy. If either party wins due to the "useful idiots" who vote solely on party lines, then this solution will remedy that.

  • Partisan politics is the cancer that is eating away at our society.

    Can we not expect people to know for whom they are voting? Is it truly unreasonable for a nation replete with such complexity, to expect those who vote to be aware of the platform, past performance, and character of each and every candidate they select? I understand that this is not an easy task and requires dedication and vigilance. I also understand that not everyone is capable or willing to put for that quantity of effort, but for those who do and can, are those not the people we need voting? Redistrict, reform captaining finance, and remove the Electoral College; in addition, to this small change and then we will have a fair and equal system.

  • It makes it too easy to be uninformed.

    With political parties written clearly on the ballots, people can go into the polls not knowing anything except "I always vote X" where X is Democratic, Republican, or whatever other party. Voting a straight party line only benefits the (usually rich and corrupt) leaders of that political party. People should learn about candidates and vote for them based on their positions and individual merits.

  • Yes political parties should be removed from ballots

    People should be voting based upon the merit of the actual person running, not which party they are a member of, if they are in one at all. Part of the reason we have so many problems today is because we only focus on parties, be it Republican or Democrat alike. It's all we pay attention to, whether we vote strictly for one or don't, and nothing ever changes because of it. Neither party has our best interests at heart in the end yet because they are the predominant two big groups in most people's minds, anyone outside that group is shoved aside. If we got rid of the parties on the ballots, maybe this would change and one of the little guys would get a fairer shake than they do right now. So yes I am all for removing political parties from ballots, let's make the elections actually fair for all.

  • Mix It Up!

    TOTALLY in favor of this idea. Too many voters are so reliant on just siding with the label of "Democratic" or "Republican" simply because they see that label next to a candidate and just think that the candidate believes everything the voter does because the voter identifies himself the same way. Without party affiliations, the voters would be forced to actually do some research on the candidates' opinions and positions, and then voters would be voting for the ideas, not the affiliation. Excellent idea.

  • No way

    I think that it is necessary because voters need to keep track of who they are voting for and what parties they are putting in charge of in the nation. Some voters might not be educated enough to know what a certain candidate stand for so they go by what party they are affiliated to.

  • Too muddied waters

    Republicans are in the minority in terms of general population so if a voter does not know the party, And just guesses, The 50/50 chance a candidate has favors republicans (minority) at the expense of democrats. Informed voters can vote for party without knowing or even liking individual candidates - that's what the party system was established for. We do need more parties though but this will not help that.

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