• Yes, but probably not as much as they are.

    Yes, they should be paid like others have argued it would leave room for only the rich to hold political power positions. However, I feel they should be paid on range to the median of the average American. For example, if the average American only makes $40K, then politicians pay should not exceed that. I believe this would encourage politicians to fight for better job markets and economies as a whole.

  • The alternative is - significantly - worse

    If we stop paying our politicians an official political salary, we're left with two options, each of which is worse than the status quo. Option 1 is to fill politics with people who have already been successful and are thus sitting on piles of money so don't need a regular income - this is bad because our politicians will all be the same sorts of upper class people and won't be representative. OR we have to make politicians get second jobs so that they can pay for themselves - but it is unreasonable to expect this because we expect our politicians to do a lot of work in order to represent us and they can't really do that properly if they're split between two jobs. Therefore we need to pay politicians - the alternative system doesn't work.

  • Its just another job

    Being as our society is capitalistic you are paid for your work. Its one of the hardest jobs managing a country. The financial compensation due them is what they deserve. Now I don't think they should make so much but they should make something because its a very difficult job to do.

    Posted by: Dill
  • Yes, politicians should be paid

    In the UK, before politicians were paid, only the very rich could become politicians. This meant that they made decisions that only benefited the rich and left the poor starving, with poor hygiene and riddled water-borne diseases like cholera. When politicians were paid, the poorer could become politicians too so would make decisions benefiting everyone, vastly improving the living and working conditions of the working class. Therefore, politicians should, without a doubt, be paid.

  • Corruption must end

    It seems with all their perks and pay they have all lost touch in all of the issues of today. It has desensitised them to real problems that face the rest of us.You cannot expect a person surrounded by guaranteed perks, retirement perks, insider trading options, ultra health care,cronyism,and elitist connections ,ever to worry about the common population.This would give american politics a new breath of fresh air it desperately needs right now considering how things are being done now in our country.

  • It is not about making money

    Is it plausible that by making political positions less money driven/appealing, that we may end corruption in our government? I have not thought it all out but these positions would obviously not be extravagant, sort of priest like. They would get a decent house for their family, a nice car to drive around, and everything they need for a decent living.

  • Do Not Support Monarchies

    The entire system is bogus it is the exact same set up as a Monarchy. The fact that we pay law makers is a serious a front to justice. It is essentially paying to live by someone elses rules. Please bear in mind that politicians do not enforce law. They merely create it. It is the civil servant who enforces these law and they are due their wages. I encourage you to look up political salaries and pension plans and compare those to the same of the people who actually work to enforce these rules.

  • They do nothing essential.

    The amount of money they receive > the amount of work they actually do. I'm not talking about presidents, I'm talking about MEPs or other such useless leeches. It is pathetic how a miner receives a much lower salary than a pimped out suit sitting on his golden throne, driving expensive luxury cars and sleeping in mansions.

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