• Opportunities for the new politicians

    In my point of view, there should be age limit for politicians. However, they have better experience, the age to understand our modern consequences will be tough for them. We should support and encourage the young politicians. So that, we can built up a better political ways to survive our nation. Thank you.

  • Just like Civil servants Politicians also have an expiry date

    Politicians should retire but if need be they can be brought back but only as consultants because they may still have great leadership skills and the required experience to do the require administrative work to run the country and all. Politicians just like all other professions has an expiry date otherwise term limits should be enforced for all of them... They also age just like other people and they may still be holding on to dead ideas or outdated mindsets. New and fresh ideas as well as leadership skills shall be introduced to the system which may in turn improve the lives of the inhabitants of the country.

  • Yes they should have a retiring age

    After the age of 70 they should retire as it will give chance to other people who wants to enter politics. And as they grow old they need to rest and they should center their life on god who had given them the courage to work before and they should also spent the rest of their life with their family in peace and they should also enjoy that.

  • Retirement age and Benefits a Must to all

    Politicians make laws for all of us. These same laws must apply to politicians as well, otherwise they are above these laws or in a different category by themselves. Politicians must also get their pensions at 70 and not after completing a certain number of terms. We all work equally hard for the nation.

  • No Senile Lawmakers

    Politicians should have a mandatory retirement age, and they should also have to have medical checkups as they age. If their age-related health conditions interfere with their decision-making capacity or mental function, they should be forcibly retired from office. Politicians are making the laws we live by; they need to be competent to understand the decisions they are making.

  • The age of retirement should be at par with other government servants

    As the government itself fixed the age of retirement for every government servant same must be applicable to politicians also. When the govt consider that at the age of 60 one can not perform his duties on his post as a government servant with sound physical and mental condition, how can a person with age above 60 (some times above 80 years of age) can perform his duties at a constitutional post. When the constitution was made maximum of the politicians were above age of 55 and more so they decided not to fix any retirement age from politics or any maximum age limit to hold any constitutional post, otherwise they would have only sufferer.

  • Politicians should have retirement age

    Yes, politicians should have a retirement age. Every once in a while you see a news story about a politician being the oldest or longest serving and he’s in his eighties. Political office should not be a lifelong career. When a politician reaches the age of seventy, they have pretty much become immovable in their opinions and completely closed to any new ideas – this is how we end up repeating the exact same scenarios year after year after year.

  • No age cap is needed.

    They should have Term Limits. Too much blame is placed on our presidents while it is the same group of people in the house and senate every year making the actual decisions.
    I don't believe there should be such a thing as career politicians. There should be decent people who for a short time work in politics and go back to earning a living in the "Real" world.

  • Youngsters, the so-called "Future Citizens" of the country, should be given the administrative powers of the country

    The youngsters should be given a chance to serve their country and being a part of the country's administration is one of the best way to do so. In our country, from our President to our Prime Minister everyone is above 60 years of age. Also because of the senior citizens being in the Parliament and other political areas, many people today are without a suitable job. Also when a person starts getting old, his/her mental and physical health start deteriorating. So if politicians retire at the right age then it might bring a change in the lives of so many people.

  • New Generation

    Every single should have a required retirement age. In the case of politics though, this should not be a question. People in this field have opinions from day one and older people tend not to adapt to changing times. We need to make room every now and again for new ideas.

  • No, no retirement age, but term limits

    Politicians are like every one of us, they age differently and have the desire to continue working or retire at different times in their lives. Just because a person is old it does not mean they cannot be an effective leader and contribute to society, nor does it mean they will become "set in their ways" and block progress of new ideas. They do need to have limits on how many terms they can serve so that there is room for fresh ideas to emerge, and to ensure that one way of thinking does not dominate the political scene.

  • No

    All people have a right to work as long as they want and they are elected by the people so therefor they should not have to retire. If people are liking the job that they are doing and are still voting for them to be back in office than they should be allowed to stay.

  • It's totally undoubtedly that there should not be a age limit for politicians.

    Because politics need a deep study of country's economic conditions and knowing the society clearly so it will definitely take some time to become a leader in politics. But I am not saying that youth should not get chance, they should get chance but not in politics because if our youth try to develop our country so don't they go for defence in which place they can serve our country batter than in politics.

  • NO, there should not be one !

    The very concept of 'retirement age' fit best for any employed individual, one who is a regular salaried employee of any organisation... 'Politics' ideally is not a 'Job' but a mean of selfless service to the people of the country, politicians are not 'self styled' individuals rather they are popular individuals with extraordinary leadership capability, and leadership has nothing to do with the age. Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi was about 79 years old when he died but he led million till his last day, J.P.Narayan was above 75 when he led a countrywide movement against emergency, our Sardar Patel was about 75 when he actually unified the fragmented country... But I acknowledge the fact that with age things get very difficult, and things become really very challenging... We have a minimum age for election, so why can't we have a upper age limit for holding public offices... But I still feel a politician should take his own call on retirement age, and mechanizing every aspect is not a good idea....

  • No limit needed

    Someone who wants to work can work throughout his life without any disturbance the law has given entire freedom entire freedom to everyone to work till their heart desire . If anyone wants to serve he has full freedom to work . He cannot be banned for anything he does

  • The mind is ageless.

    Unlike the body, the mind can be dull or robust at any age. When elections can be won with advertising and good looks, wisdom is in short supply. Wisdom is knowing how to use one's knowledge and experience. Both come with age. We must trust the voters to make the decision, without limitation.

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