• Polygamy should be legalized

    If you wanna get married to more than one person and everyone is consenting, then go ahead. Literally, it is not my business because I do not get to decide whether YOUR relationship is right or wrong. If same sex marriage is legalized then marriage between multiple people should also be legalized since one has the right to exercise their beliefs according to the First Amendment.

  • Love is universal

    Most of the justifications I see state that a man should be able to take 2 wives if he wants to. This is a poor justification Love is not decided by or handed out by men. Why can my wife not choose to take another wife. There is no limit on love. You do not stop having children after the first one because there is always room in your heart to love the next child just as much. There is no logical reason to restrict the love that 2 or 3 or more adults feel for each other.

  • We have already changed the definition of marriage, so this is now inevitable

    Marriage used to be a man and a woman but now can be two men or two women. Why stop there? If three or more consenting people want to get together permanently, they should be able to do so. It could just as easily be two or more men and one woman so those saying it is anti-female are incorrect. It will cause more issues for organised religion, but that is their problem. The main negative is the potential for coercion (eg in an existing married couple one partner threatens another with divorce unless they add a third party), but that partner always has the opportunity for divorce anyway.

  • The state should be out of marriage, period.

    It is not the job of the state to say what types of marriage between adults is allowed. At the end of the day, marriage is a contract between two consenting adults. Although you can have a differing opinion on whether or not polygamy is moral or not, the fact is that you have no right to stand in the way of consenting adults entering into a contract. Although it could end up being a messier divorce, that is the risk people take when entering into this contractual obligation.

  • Marriage is contract between consenting adults

    If two or more adults decide to form a family with purpose of having and raising their biological or adopted children than it's their decision and no one else's. State is here only to make sure that all involved in this community sticks with marriage contract the made with each other - not to abuse each other, to take care of their children and each other and other usual marriage demands. Other than that it's no one's business what people do in privacy of their homes.

  • It is a religious matter, not a state one.

    Honestly, I believe that we should legalise polygamy as it really should not be the state having to enforce religious laws (unless the religion and state are one in the same). If a man wants to take two wives, let him. It is his headache to provide for them now. Besides, they are probably going to do it if they really want to.

  • Freedom of religion

    Though polygamy in many people's eyes is wrong, it is seen as a religious way in some people's eyes. The whole center belief of polygamy is the more wives a man has the higher his rank is in heaven. That to me sounds like religion, so why is it not allowed? If that is the way a man and his several wives want to live and raise a family, there shouldn't be anyone stopping them and they shouldn't have to fear the police coming to their home and arresting them for what they believe is right.

  • Freedom of religion

    Though polygamy in many people's eyes is wrong, it is seen as a religious way in some people's eyes. The whole center belief of polygamy is the more wives a man has the higher his rank is in heaven. That to me sounds like religion, so why is it not allowed? If that is the way a man and his several wives want to live and raise a family, there shouldn't be anyone stopping them and they shouldn't have to fear the police coming to their home and arresting them for what they believe is right.

  • If two women are in love with same man then it should be allowed

    It should be allowed.I have a friend who after many years in marriage unable to have child due to some health reasons of wife.And he does not have that much of money to go for have child using medical tech.
    Now he is suffering because of this polygamy ban rule.
    There are many other cases where a man has to marry some other women due to family pressure like caste...,then what about the girl whom he loves.

  • It should be legalized

    I say it should be legalized, because catholic or Christian religions are not the only ones that exist, the world if full of different religions, we have to be a little more opened about different ways of thinking. We opened up to homosexuals. Also being ok with something does not mean that you are doing it, just that you have no problems with it. You know a characteristic of geniuses are that they are open minded, I see why there are not a lot of geniuses in this world

  • Polygamy is completely wrong, because marriage should be between one man and one woman only.

    The only evidence I need to give on this matter is what it says in the Bible. Or, one could just ask the majority of people how they feel marriage should be viewed, even if they weren't from a religious background. I mean, it really isn't that hard to explain just how most see it, which is marriage equals two people, not several.

    Posted by: ladoblevida
  • No, because even monogamy already causes enough problems in this country.

    People have trouble keeping one wife happy, and half of all marriages end in a messy divorce. If people were allowed to have more than one partner, this would just make the problem worse. There are already enough children and others whose lives are damaged by divorce with the rules the way they are. It does not need to be made any worse.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • Polygamy shouldn't be legalized, because it denies the sanctity of marriage and normal Christian living.

    Polygamy, or the practice of having more than one spouse, is not a Christian way to live life. It denies the sanctity of marriage, and it is not a healthy way to live. In our culture, in America, it would be life-shattering to most people. I realize other cultures are different, and that polygamy would be viewed differently, elsewhere. But, this doesn't make the practice, itself, right.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • Polygamy should not be legalized, because it opens too many people up to abuse.

    Polygamy is usually a way for men to abuse multiple women or young girls, like in the cases of the LDS men who were recently tried for this. I do not think that being married to multiple people is mutually beneficial to all parties involved, and can be another way to oppress and abuse people.

    Posted by: LongShawn93
  • Polygamy should not be legalised

    Marriage is meant to show commitment to your ONE and ONLY love as well as it meant to bind them together. Also it could be confusing to the kid that they end up having. However if Polygamy does become legal I feel that it should only be allowed to happen if the partners know and give consent.
    And you cant say that these are the same arguments used from people who are against gay/lesbian marriage because I am all for it as if they love each other they should be together

  • I do not believe that polygamy should be legalized because I think it is immoral.

    It is my belief that polygamy is immoral and should not be legalized. Children are better off in a home with one father and one mother. I also think that polygamy demeans the status of women since no one woman in a polygamous relationship receives the affection and station in life that a woman in a traditional marriage enjoys.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I strongly oppose legalizing polygamy, because it completely goes against the key rules of marriage.

    I believe that a strong factor in creating a healthy long-lasting marriage is being faithful to one's partner. Trust and faithfulness are what keep couples together. Polygamy goes completely against this. It has been reported that in most polygamy-style relationships, one or more partners feel insignificant and uncomfortable with the arrangement. If a husband really loves his wife, he will be true and faithful to her, and will not need multiple partners.

    Posted by: FinBIond
  • Polygamy is harmful to the family structure and to society and should not be permitted except in cases of religious tolerance.

    It is well known by psychologists, and the community at large that polygamy is not a healthy family structure. It causes jealousy between the parties of the same sex that are sharing a life partner, causes confusion for children as to what love is, and creates a demeaning aspect for all woman in the society. Finally, men and women are created at an almost equal rate, and if polygamy was legalized and became the norm many men would be left w/out a woman to have a family with.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • I Support Toleration of Polygamous Relationships, But Not Legalization of Polygamous Marriages

    If polygamous marriages are legalized, then how many wives would a man be able to legally take? Is a limit even necessary, or can a man marry 100+ wives if he wants to or "loves them all"? What about women? Would women be able to take more than one husband. If men can take more than one wife? What if everyone becomes married to a bunch of people who are married to a bunch of other people, who are also married to everyone else? In such cases, how would the government give benefits/privileges? I understand people should be free to choose how to live for themselves; I consider myself fairly liberal in most cases, as I do support gay marriage and don't think that polygamy is "a danger to society" or anything taboo. But although I support toleration of polygamous relationships, I do not think polygamous marriages should be legally recognized. The only way marriage could ever be legally functional is if it is between two consenting adults.

  • Bad psychological health that almost certainly will lead to criminal actions.

    To me it seems that there are specific things that are distinctly understood by people. One is that there are some roles in a person's life that needs to be filled by one person. Man is designed in such a way that if we want to satisfy a mate, we must give them our all and vise versa. You cannot deny this fact, it is in our nature and DNA. This is why so many marriages fail because somebody breaks this natural law of marriage or love and the lover gets hurt. So far this is no reason to keep polygamy illegal; but, if you provoke someone, they are likely to respond with violence and other illegal activity. Also to give one man this power of more than one wife is actually psychologically bad for his health. The issue of greed arises if you are religious or not. The more greedy he gets, the worst his psychological health which can lead to physical behavior to protect his pride and possessions. This can lead to the abuse to his female counterparts both physical and mental.

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Kristygrahan34 says2017-11-23T00:07:01.767
Why should we go back a Thousand Years. Marriage is a union between two people who love each other it is a sacred Union and under God's plan.

You start adding more people to the group and it turns into an orgy and perversion.

We are human beings not barbarians.