• It's basically the minimum

    A degree has become the minimum standard for entry-level jobs. What once required only a high school diploma now requires a student to go $40,00 in debt. The pay has not increased in relativity, either. If one even wants a CHANCE at middle-class living in their adulthood, a student must start their adult life going thousands of dollars in debt whilst their parent's never had to.

  • Having more money=having more success

    While it can be argued that the above statement holds true it can also be argued that success itself should not equate with one's wealth. There are many able minded students who could shape the world as we know it in a much more beneficial way had they persued post secondary but were unfortunately unable to attend due to the cost. Why should we allow the wealthy to suceed? Simple: money = power. In our society money will always equal power and therefore the sucessful should be wealthy. While tax payer's dollars may increase due to post secondary being free, it would be benneficial to the attendees who are able minded but less fortunate

    everyone should be able to do what they love. Money is the only barrier

  • It should be free

    I do not want to b broke and living on the street so i think i should be able to go to university for free or i will be broke and working at mcdonalds and stealing all the groos leftovers from the garbage so there i need 3 more words

  • Hey i likecheese

    Cheese is very good and i think everyone should love cheese just as much as i do because it is life and its cooler than u will ever be but for real tho this should be free because im broke af and cheese is life and paying for school is not.

  • The Importance of Knowledge

    Everyone has a right to learn, in a better, civilized world, not only the rich would be able to afford post secondary education. I think that everyone should be able to attend university free of charge so that everybody does attend university, so that everyone can become knowledgable, so that everyone is able to make good decisions.

  • Yes most defiantly!!

    You really see the ignorance of people when they cannot understand or except CHANGE..Some of these garbage men, cashiers etc have degrees and cannot or are not able at this time to get into the field of their choice!! It surprises me that this will help the economy of kids of not being idle and have an excuse now to follow their dreams and get that piece of paper that know one can take away from them..!! Their EDUCATION!! LCK-2016

  • Oye mate Get out

    Is it too trigger well you know what i love animals i used to have a cat i pulled its tail w should take the animal rights are true one. Its always mixed for it chi chi gorgeous i remember shane who i love con for cosmetic surgery . . .

  • Take Care of us!!!

    The government doesnt take care of us. They cause us to go to College or University for thousands of dollars and then dont give us jobs in the field we studied. If we had free post secondary education, we'd be able to gain so much knowledge without the constant reminder of fees and or getting bankrupt.

  • Definitely should be free for students!

    Example - no tuition fees charged in Finland, regardless of the level of studies and the nationality of the student. Norwegian state universities and university colleges as a rule do not charge tuition fees to all students including international students. If you want to study in Europe, your parent's income may not be the decider in the quality of education you receive. There are tuition free universities in European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Germany. May be our Government should learn how that do it?

  • Free Education a Must

    By educating Canadians we strengthen our people and our great Country. It might seem to be costly, but any good investment always is. We need people in jobs that require skills, degrees and instead of educating our own we look to foreigners to immigrate here to fill them. As well, why are we allowing foreigners to fill our colleges and universities, Canadians must and should come first, and only available spaces should go to others. We need people to fill the growing healthcare demands never mind a technology driven world with its own demands. The future is changing and growing and we need to let every child know they can be a part of it and not worry about heavy student debts of they choose to. We must stop looking to America as a guide but instead look to European countries that are already doing this and the benefits they reap from it. An educated country has more to offer its citizens and the test of the world.

  • No, it is too expensive.

    No, post-secondary education should not be free, because the government cannot pay for everything. If it were free, there would be nothing to control the university's costs, and they would demand more and more money. Now, when education becomes too expensive, the students simply look to attend another school that will not charge as much.

  • It's to expensive

    If secondary education is free the government won't be able to support the country and the taxes will also go up and the government gets money from our taxes and the government will not be able to give money for military spending and nobody will look for small job's such as cashiers,tow truck drivers and those who pick up the garbage

  • You learn nothing

    While yes you will learn actual facts in college, if it is free it may be taught half ass and you will not learn life skills. You will not learn the easy way that everything is not free! You will not learn how to over come thigs as much as you would with education you have tot pay for.

  • Will it be taken as seriously?

    The high expenses of university almost allows students to fully understand the importance of university and its full meaning, so if you did not have to pay for higher schooling more test would be bombed and more students would overall be dropping out or failing.So in conclusion no I don't believe post secondary education needs to be completely free

  • Nothing is ever 'Free'

    Secondary schooling cannot be free. The universities and colleges still have to pay their staff. Where would the money come from? Taxes. Taxes would rise up, and the public would once again be debating about money. This time, about abolishing tax because it's too much. True, most students get out of university or college with a large amount of debt, but if the issue is debt, why not argue instead, about getting better student help programs? That would be more reasonable. Students learn how to be money conscience because of this. They become more responsible. If they know everything would be handled by the government, they wouldn't be responsible. Also, the tuition money is used not only to pay for equipment and staff, it is also for research. Many universities and colleges use them for medical research, such as cancer. So maybe the debate should not focus on having free secondary education, but better programs for student debt. The money also goes to improve technology, like the MRI. Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.

  • Nogin in the blip

    How could you do this? I cannot Believe that this is a true fact! This is exactly what you get. Bad for you good for me. Arrrggghh I am i am II i i i I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i sorry for stuttering

  • Taxes will go up.

    In order for the government to pay for everyone to be able to go to collage and university he would have to raise taxes and in the long run we would be paying for it, even the people who don want to go to university or collage will be paying for it. And lots more people will be going to schools and the will be crowded so they will have to build more (which isn't good for the environment). And people will all want to be doctors and well paying jobs but the littler jobs are important to and we will have close to none of those people (garbage men, cashiers ect.) imagine Canada without those people.

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