Should prescription medicines be regulated more strictly?

  • Yes, prescription medication should be more restricted.

    I think that prescription medicines should definitely be regulated more strictly. I think that they're something that shouldn't be just accepted by the FDA so easily since a lot of them can cause a lot of side effects to the patients. There needs to be more laws made to protect the people.

  • Yes, I think some should be

    I know this whole matter has gotten out of control. It appears that people have used the medicine cabinet more so now, for personal gain than ever for. The government has enough issues,but they should police this matter more, kids are at serious risk, and learning it from parents is another issue.

  • Prescription meds should be better regulated

    There is a problem with the abuse of prescription medication, pain medications in particular. There is an epidemic of heroin abuse in this country - as seen by the death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Many experts think this epidemic can be traced to the abuse of prescription opiod pain medications Many doctor's have become effectively drug dealers.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    I don't think that prescription medicines should be regulated more strictly. Putting more strict regulations on the medicine might keep it away from the people who genuinely need it. I think that we should probably just try to keep better tabs on the amount taken and be sure that they aren't selling it or becoming addicted.

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