• Depends on child

    I think that preteens are responsible so they should be able to use social media like every body they can be responsible and if they are not they can become responsible I also think that preteens should be taken seriously. Preteens are also mature enough to ignore cyber bullies. Thank you

  • Depends on child

    I am the person who made this, but I wanna here your opinion! I think it depends on the person and if there responsible. If they are unreliable and the parents aren’t ready than maybe wait till there a little older (like 13). So yeah 😀👍 they could also work to be on social (cleaning house,helping taking care of little siblings, etc)

  • Preteens shouldn't have social media!

    I think that social media is bad because some people might talking about inappropriate things in chats that kids shouldn't hear. People might also post scary or inappropriate pictures. If the picture insults other people, then they might feel depressed. Preteens should not have social media because it is bad for them!

  • Must be a teenager

    Kids under 13 they don't know what to do with social media they might see bad things and sometimes they post wrong photos of their self that they are not suppose to there is millions of things for kids under 13 to do they can play games with tablets and other stuff

  • COPPA exists for a good reason

    Heck no they shouldn't! There is so many inappropriate things on social media that can scar children! Even I have seen disgusting things that I didn't want to see on total accident. It's atrocious. Plus on all social media you must be over 13 to have an account anyway, it's the law. (COPPA)Plus it's in the terms of use.

    I'm 13 and I waited, it's not very hard. Kids need to be patient and wait until they turn 13, you may not like it but it's the cold hard TRUTH. That's why I report all children under 13 on Instagram I can find. Kids shouldn't waster their childhoods on social media. If they want to make friends and can't find them in real life then perhaps they should play one of those kids virtual worlds. (Animal jam, for example)

  • More prone to seeing undesirable things

    While at first glance, it may seem unimportant or petty; but its already apparent enough that the young teens of today are really into seeing things they really aren't ready for just yet. So allowing preteens to have social media and eventually learning complete knowledge of it; they will delve deeper and even see something that either scares them or leaves them curious for the worse

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