Should prisoners with a life sentence get the option of doctor-assisted suicide?

  • There gonna die anyway

    Prisoners with a life sentence should be allowed the option of doctor assisted suicide because they are going to die anyway. IF possible the person could be in prison for 1 billion years, or one week. You never know when the person will die and wether it's their natural life or they choose to end it, they technically served their life sentence.

  • For financial reasons

    Allowing prisoners with a life sentences get the option of doctor-assisted suicide will cut the cost associated with feeding them, guarding them, and entertaining them, all the money saved by allowing them to die could then be diverted to other more deserving public services like the NHS, schools, police, it would also free up prison space.

  • Prisoners Should Not Be Allowed the Option of Doctor-Assisted Suicide

    Prisoners with a life sentence should not be allowed the option of doctor-assisted suicide. If a person is in prison, s/he deserves to be there and pay the price for her/his crime. Doctor-assisted suicide should only be used in cases where a person is terminally ill and has no other options. When you commit a crime and go to prison, you lose the right to some of those options.

  • Wtf um no?

    The whole point of this is so that they suffer. Not so they get the easy way out? They should have to pay for what they did with their time. You do the crime you do the time ./ . . . . . . . . . . .

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