Should Private Schools Allow Unnaturally Colored Hair?

Asked by: halliethepanda
  • Dyed hair tips only

    A full dyed head looks weird and tips look nice. Tips are very minimal and can express your style without making it look weird. Ya at aua aua aua so a is aua I aua sí aua is sí aua au aua sí aua aua aua au aua a Aja

  • Hair dye should be allowed

    I am in high school and I had my hair pink , red , purple , blue from different holiday events from the five years I've been hear and I was allowed rose gold as my hair is blond but not the rest as it was to distracting for others around me cause of colour but every class room has bright colours with in them also were not aloud skinny jeans as it could turn people on yet in collage they love different colours cause it allows people to express themselves and so does most work places including tattoos if there wasn't a high rate in wanting hair dye then hair dressers and shops and companies that are to do with hair dye wouldn't be popular and a school near me deniable high allows it and it hasn't effected anyone

  • Yes its cool

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  • Yes its cool

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  • Students Should Be Able To Express Themselves!

    Students should be able to express themselves, especially if there is a school uniform. I want to dye my hair a peachy pastel pink, but I can't, because my school does not allow it. The color of my hair is not "distracting". Administrators should be worried about addictions, education, and bullying. NOT stupid hair that grows back, or makeup that washes off.

  • It shows personality and it's fun!

    It may distract other students from doing there work and disrupt classes. Also, it could lead to bullying if the color is wacky, or for other reasons. It also may cause some arguments and judgement about why the person dyed there hair, whether it looks good, bad, or what ever is being considered.

  • A school environment

    A private school is most known for its uniform and uniformity. As a student who attends private school, I have been told that uniforms are to simulate a working environment. This could potentially tell students, those who do not dress according to the rules are unfit for working. It may seem like a drastic thought, but that is what these actions are promoting. If students are allowed to color their hair, other student would have to accept that of them, such as in any work environment you will always have people who look different, if the school wants to promote diversity over 'professionalism' than they should allow students to express themselves in ways that does not hinder the uniforms appearance.

  • The Hair colors

    Hair color helps express how a student feels. People should be allowed to color their hair it does not distract others even if people say it does. Coloring your hair is fun and helps people act more like themselves if they have normal hair color they feel trapped because they can't wear certain clothes and they can't color their hair. We should be able to color our hair.

  • Hair coloring is who you are.

    No matter what a Anyone says hair is apart of you. If you choose to get rid of it or make it purple there is nothing wrong with that. I think anybody can do and should be able to do it. I personally am going to dye my hair soon. And it shouldn't matter if I do or not.

  • Hair is a Part of You

    At my high school, the hair color rule is an odd one, considering the rest of the rules revolve around accessories and clothing. Yes, piercings affect the body, but piercings involve jewelry; therefore, that rule falls under the "accessories" category. The main reason we have the "no unnatural hair color" rule is because the wife of the man who funded our secular school is incredibly religious and hates colorful hair. They tell us that colored hair is distracting, but if you get distracted by hair color, why aren't you distracted by a boy's neon shirt or a girl who has a leopard print skirt on? Hair is a part of you and who you are; it is not an accessory that you can easily remove. They don't limit our hair styles (trust me, I've seen some wild ones), but they still say the color matters. Training us for professional environments? Sure, but we're still teens. Give us a chance to be free with who we are. Also, some professional environments allow unnatural hair colors. My older brother did an interview for an internship in the tech department of the police force with smurf blue hair and got the job. Other private schools in my area allow colorful hair, and their dress codes are much more stringent. I'm working with friends to overturn the rule, and hopefully, it will come through.

  • If you choose to attend a private school...

    ....You must abide by the school's rules. "Their body, their choice." That's so annoying, it's almost cliche. Yea, it's your choice, but that doesn't mean there won't be consequences to your actions when you're attending a private school that can make the dress code policies as it sees fit. If you don't like it, don't attend the school.

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