Should pro athlete pay be more than our military service members?

  • Yes, I think pro athlete pay should be more then our military service members.

    Pro athletes generate billions of dollars in advertising revenues because of the large amount of people that follow them, I think that the pro athlete should be able to collect a portion of that revenue, a military service member is paid very fairly compared to the average salary in the United States.

  • They should not

    They deserve more than what they get paid for protecting our governments and our safety. Athletes work hard and risk a broken ankle or a sprained wrist and that about it. On the other hand you have army members that work hard and risk death or being severely wounded get paid thousands less than these athletes

  • Athletes do not protect us.

    Its ignorant to even believe that athletes deserve a cent more than the military. Military deserves so much more than athletes get. Athletes go out on the field/court with regard of what could happen. Military sadly does not have the same feel of the situation. Have some respect for the men & women who protect us.

  • No they should not be paid more

    Military personal risk there lives every day for our freedom. Athletes protect a ball. Military personal have to risk there lives everyday to protect the athletes that play the sports. A football player calls him self a soldier just for tackling someone. Military personal should be paid more than pro athletes.

  • No, Not Really

    Pro athletes go out on a pre-determined field and play a game with a pre-determined team. There is some hostility and the job does come with the risk of injury. Military service members join the military in one of two ways and are sent out to fight and often put their lives on the line.

    Obviously, we have an instance where pay is too low for military personnel and too high for pro athletes, but there's not any real way to fix these problems. We could debate until we turn blue in the face. We can't pay all the military personnel millions of dollars and we can't make the leagues pay less.

  • No, it should not.

    The fact that baseball players sign contracts for over 200 million dollars on a regular basis and out military members many times wind up homeless completely sickens and disgusts me beyond belief. Our military members should be paid at least equal to professional athletes, but in reality it should be much more.

  • The military protects and defends, so they should always get more.

    Pro athlete pay should not be more than what our military service members get. It is a shame that this is usually the case. Pro athletes are basically entertainers while service members provide much more use to the country. They actually protect and defend us. Athletes at most provide us with examples of fitness.

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