Should pro athletes be subject to random drug testing for steroids?

  • Players need to be tested for steroids before every game.

    Yes,because when athletes go to play people watch them to play because they are good. They got drafted because they were good. Now when they get drafted using steroids that makes them a cheater and they were not good to begin with if they have to cheat or use steroids. Using steroids take the meaning out of the game, because if every body used steroids nobody would know how good they were at the sport.

  • Yes because of.......

    Because t is bad for their health I am doing this for a speech in my debate team thank you all for helping me with this and lets hope and pray that I get an a on this project I will be seeing summer school.Ugh so much work to do in

  • Yes they definetly should

    First of all you are supposed to play that sport with your own ability and talent, not take some medication to have more strength or whatever. It is also dangerous, why do you think it is illegal? Obviously the person taking steroids is going to win, he/she is not using his own strength and ability. Therefore it is unfair for the other person who plays fairly, for the person taking the steroids has more advantage. P.S written by a 13 year old.

  • Yes, they should be tested.

    Because pro athletes make so much money from the public and because they have been found so often to be taking steroids and other drugs to enhance performance, they should be tested randomly all the time. Any wins in competition should be made on an even playing field so to speak.

  • Yes they should.

    I think everyone should be subjective to random drug tests, even pro athletes. I think testing for steroids makes it so we can ensure that the sport remains fair and that the teams are on an even playing field when playing against each other in a competitive manner. It is not to insult anyone.

  • All Pro Athletes Should Expect Random Tests

    As part of the game, all professional athletes should be prepared for random drug testing in some form. Steroids give people an unfair advantage and can cause serious injury to those who abuse them. Getting to the highest level of performance is great, but using drugs isn't the righth way to do it.

  • Yes,pro athletes should be subject to random drug testing for steroids.

    Yes,pro athletes should be subject to random drug testing for steroids.Pro athletes play an important role as examples to young athletes as well as other children as well as adults.There has been much evidence to support the fact that steroids cause problems in the health department and pro athletes should not be encouraging such behavior in others.

  • Yes, They Should

    I believe professional athletes should be randomly and regularly drug tested for steroid use. Athletes are working and getting paid to partake in their sport, for pay. I believe most leagues have rules against drugs and therefore these leagues should attempt to fact find and prove that these athletes are not abusing performance enhancing drugs.

  • Pro athletes should be subject to random drug tesing

    Professional athletes should be subject to random drug testing, not just for steroids but for all illegal substances. They are employees and should be treated just like a "regular Joe" when they fail a drug test. The use of steroids should also make them ineligible for any other sporting job, as they have proven they cannot be trusted to play by the rules.

  • Steroids take away from the integrity of the game.

    Steroid use in pro sports takes away from the integrity of the game. A player should be a star and do well based on their natural talent or skill in their position. It makes it unfair to the players that chose to play the game the right way and abstain from steroid use.

  • No they shouldn't

    If 8/11000 Olympians take steroids, then it gives them an advantage when playing their opponents on the track or field. But if steroids were given to all of the athletes then it would be fair and you would have to rely on whatever you were doing before you took steroids. Then some people would say that it's unhealthy, do we tell smokers not to smoke, yes we do. Do they listen, no they don't. Why should we treat athletes any more different than a person.

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