• They should be alowed

    They should be allowed because of many reasons for example professional athletes work very hard and deserve to play in the biggest sporting event. They also practice a lot. The Olympics is also a big deal for many countries. If the pros play it can get others hyped up for the next one.

  • They should be alowed

    They should be allowed because of many reasons for example professional athletes work very hard and deserve to play in the biggest sporting event. They also practice a lot. The Olympics is also a big deal for many countries. If the pros play it can get others hyped up for the next one.

  • We should give it our best

    We should be putting our best in the Olympic games so that we can bring home the gold medal. Though it is a chance for amateurs to prove themselves, we need to have some pros in there as our foundation, because amateurs are not as good. The definition of an amateur is one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession. This means that our contestents would have to be all rookies! And who wants that?? NO ONE, that's who! We shouldn't want to have a bunch of experienced people playing for us

  • The Pros Have Rights

    You shouldn't be able to say someone cannot compete in a competition if they meet all the standards. They can do whatever they want and no one should be able to stop them. If they chose not to compete then they don't have too, but if they want to they should have that say in their decision to compete on the highest stage.

  • Yes they should

    They should because the pros have the time and money to win and they have really worked there whole life for that moment to have the gold model on their neck. Plus they can pay the taxes that the people who win medals get. If you win a gold who must pay 25,000, silver 15,000, and bronze 10,000

  • The best of the best should get the best

    You have worked your butt off your whole life. Practicing, training, etc. You are finally the best in the world! Woo-hoo! Oh, sorry you can't compete in the biggest sporting event in the world, but Plumber Joe can! I think people need to relize that this is not Ancient Greece anymore and things are diffrent. Ahletes are now JOBS. Before it wasn't. Also, people love seeing their favorite athletes compete! Athletes get sponsorships after. I had no clue who Simone Biles was before the Olympics, but now I follow her on Instagram! I think that the hardest worker deserve it.

  • Differences between pros and amateurs

    The only difference between pros and amateurs is payment/professional jobs. We shouldn't discriminate people from doing what they love just because of their payment based on sports. We need to consider not just what is fair, but what is just. A just society for the Olympics is where everyone can show their abilities based on talent not payment.

  • The pros make it fun

    Hey, I don't want to be watching the best of the benched, I want to be watching the best of the best. Isn't that what the Olympics are for. If the pros couldn't compete, the Olympics wouldn't get any views. Do we really want that? Do we want to see amateurs fail in the world class? NO.

  • You've gotta represent your country and boost your draft stock! Why not?

    What's wrong with pros being in the Olympic Games? I dunno, nothing! The best of the pros are from certain countries and that's no coincidence! That's why these guys should go to the Games! If they play well, that will show the standard for their country. If you are a rising star(Yes, sometimes these guys will be in the Olympics), it'll boost your draft stock if you play well. This is important because it means these guys will be trying their hardest to show the occasional scout in the stand what they can do.

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  • Its a Unfair advantage

    If you put NHL players in the Olympics it would be unfair for the minors, we all know NHL players are amazing, but the minors may not be as good. The teams with more minor players are going to get crushed, by the teams with more professional players on it.

  • They Can get injured

    How they get injured is usually by playing games that you don't have to like the Olympics and if the NHL or pro athletes get injured they Can't play their regular season games in the NHL or even worse playoff games. So thats why i think pro alt-lets should not go to the Olympics

  • No pros should not be alowed to compete in olympics

    Why would pros be alowwed in olympics its just not fair we allready know there amazing and we allready know what they can do and acomplish they should give the minors or others a chance to succsed the pros are pros for a reason we allready know someone who plays a pro sport is good and maybe somone diddnt make a pro sport but wants to try and win the olympics then somone came along who DOES play a pro sport they would obviously beat them or most likely i just say we should give other a chance to go to the olympics because pros are pros at what they do and there obviously really good so competting with people who just arnt there yet isint fair and would be a waste of breath i say stick to the pros and give us a chance

  • Its not fair we cant compete aginst them

    They are prs at what they do and we are just mortals wich makes it unfair and not right like i said there pros and were not its phisically inpossible to beat them we do it for pride and joy they do it for fame and power whats so fun about the olympics when there in it we already know what they can do how about what mortals can do its un fair.And so not right they take the pride and joy out of every thing

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  • Changes the motivation for competition

    As a former amateur track and filed athlete, I remember when my only motivation was, that I didn't NEED to be paid to love the sport. Not that pros don't love what they do, but as an amateur, I was focused on testing my abilities against other well prepared athletes, and discovering the limitations of human ability. The penultimate of that testing, was judged amongst the world's best, and other "like-minded" athletes on a world wide stage of the Olympic Games! No agents, no signing agreements, commercial deals, just GUTS and GLORY, and the satisfaction of accomplishing something that few others would be able to achieve, without the motivation of possible financial gain! If I benefited financially, after the fact, from what I had accomplished, GREAT, but I could go to my grave with nothing more than the sheer knowledge that I was amongst the best in the world! Today, very few athletes can experience that, the way people like Jesse Owens, or Jim Thorpe, Eric Liddell, Rafer Johnson, Wilma Rudolph, Babe Dedrickson, Bob Mathias, and other past amateurs did! Even if they were financially rewarded, with endorsement deals, for their accomplishments, afterwards, it was not something, that they heralded greater than simply just being apart of competition. I believe that athletes of today's Olympic games, are cheated out of the TRUE glory of Amateurism,…, solely for the love of their sport, and knowing that they represented their country well!

  • Sports for the right reasons!

    The Olympics should be free from Professionals that compete for money, look what's happening at English football and the damage it is doing in a free market with little commercial Goverance thus the best players will gravitate to where the money is which is a major factor in English Football being diluted in skills.

  • Money and big business have destroyed the concept of the Olympics

    Why not just call it the world cup of the NHL, because they are they only teams that will end up playing for medals. Amateurs will be crushed. If I want to watch professional players, I watch the NHL, not some travesty of a competition claiming to bring nations together

  • No professional athlete should ever be allowed or have been allowed to participate in the Olympics

    The Olympics were originally established to recognize the best athlete before there were professional sports. The integrity of the Olympics should remain the same as originally formed. If you are a professional athlete getting paid large amounts of money to play a sport, then you forfeit your opportunity to participate in any Olympic competition. Let the REAL athletes who devote all their time and effort into their sports compete among themselves. Professional athletes stay out of the Olympics. The IOC should be sanctioned for ever allowing professional athletes to participate.

  • They should not be allowed

    Pros should not be allowed to compete because the Olympics was originally started to help those amateur athletes who needed a platform and some form of recognition. The fact that pros are allowed to compete when they already have the title of world champion under their belts is not fair

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