Should professional athletes be paid tens of millions of dollars?

  • Performance, Performance, and Performance

    These athletes earned it. Their performance is outstanding, so with no doubt they deserve the amount they earn. All the sweat, training, hard work, determination, tears, blood, perseverance that they put in to just getting up to the stage they are at says a lot. In my mind, they absolutely deserve it.

  • Because they are good because of

    Yogurt is very good for them and they have to eat/drink it I don't know what they do but they love it... So yeah yogurt is very well for the health and they love it.Did I say that they love it. Did u know that yogurt is made with milk?

  • They're paid correctly

    The numbers are insane, no question, but they're based on something. Athletes aren't given the contracts they are because it's fun, they're given them based off of the massive amounts of revenue that they're directly responsible for. Some of the contracts don't make sense for the specific players involved, but overall the general wages are what they are for a valid economic reason.

  • Yes they should.

    Pro athletes should be paid tens of millions of dollars. That is because they are bringing in billions of dollars to the owners of the teams. They are the reasons why the fans go out and spend the money so they are the ones who deserve to be compensated for it.

  • Professional athletes should be paid tens of millions of dollars.

    Professional athletes should be paid tens of millions of dollars. They are who we go to watch and the colleges and companies make a whole lot more money for putting the program on. I think they should get paid whatever they can afford because they are the ones that are playing the game.

  • Professional athletes should be paid tens of millions of dollars.

    Professional athletes should be paid a lot of money if they earn that much for their teams. If people are willing to pay enough money to buy tickets to games and to buy merchandise, it is fair that athletes should earn a lot of money. It is simply a matter of supply and demand.

  • Yes, they should.

    Professional athletes are not only entertainers but they are also athletes who train and work hard. They spend their entire career working out, improving, and presenting themselves for the public eye. They deserve a lot of the money they make, and I doubt it is always easy for them to do it.

  • Not Really, Money Could Be Spent For The Better

    I would honestly have to say no. Why? Simply because;
    1) There are people who actually work harder than them and get paid less. Sure, they may be entertainers or what not, but there are people risking their life for their countries (military) and people saving lives (doctors) who get paid less.
    2) To be frank, that could simply be one of their hobbies that they are doing for a job, they should be grateful that they even get paid! Most centers, you actually have to get paid to join, but for them, it's the other way round.
    3) In all honesty, the athletes are simply selling themselves. Think, a company such as McDonalds can simply pay them to appear on their adverts, telling the watchers it's their food is all healthy and so on, they are lying to the people. Is that really a good example?

    There are many more reasons, but those are just the three that I thought at the top of my head.

  • It is A Bit Obnoxious.

    That people get paid this much to play a game. I get that there is much more that goes on in this profession than just playing a game. It is just way more money than most people can spend in a lifetime. What is even more ridiculous is how much the owners and how much these professional league's get paid.Yet, many people are to poor to attend these games in person do to high ticket prices, concession stands and parking. They could lower the prices a bit and pay the people at the top and players a little less. It will never happen though.

  • Feed the Hungry, House the Homeless

    Instead of paying athletes tens of millions of dollars, why not put that money towards feeding the hungry and housing the homeless? Our society needs a fundamental paradigm shift where heroes aren't actors, actresses and athletes. Instead, those who help the needed are adored and properly rewarded. Once the poor and inform are taken care of, then we should consider focusing on sports leagues with high-paid athletes.

  • No, professional athletes should not be paid tens of millions of dollars.

    Professional athletes make an enormous amount of money simply for playing in a sporting event. It is my belief that they should not make more money then other similar jobs or entertainers. There is no good reason for a single athlete to have a 500 million dollar contract over the course of only a few years.

  • No they shouldn't

    We have people risking their lives every day over seas and in our own land and they only get paid 30,00$ and all athletes do is entertain other people and doing stupid things instead of risking their lives every day and night and that's why I think they shouldn't get paid millions of dollars

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