Should professional athletes take yearly drug tests?

  • May lead to surprises

    This question may cause some issues, but I do believe professional athletes should have to take yearly drug tests. The tests should also be random, basically the athletes know they have a drug test coming at some point in that new year; but, they do not exactly when it will take place.

  • Random Tests Throughout Year

    Professional athletes should take random drug tests throughout the year and not just yearly. This is to ensure a level playing field for all participants. PEDs can ruin someone's mind and body as athletes are over-juiced and over-stimulated. In order for games to remain untainted, all athletes should submit themselves to regular, random testing.

  • Why wouldnt they?

    They are professional athletes, why would most of em need peds, they are the best in the world at what they do, the peds is more of a mental stimulant than a physical stimulant. Not only is it not legal, its not necessary. Most of these men and women have been training for there whole lives, what makes them think that all of a sudden they need peds to make them better? Just looking at previous athletes like the great bambino and jim brown who completely exceled without peds, give me a arguement which says no

  • Why not do it??

    If you have them take a yearly drug test then you can find out the true athletes and who the fake ones are. It isn't fair to the healthy ones because they are trying their hardest while the other ones are getting by, by cheating. We need to be fair to everyone

  • It needs to be more than yearly.

    Drugs are a fact of life in many athletes due to a culture of cheating being fostered over the last couple of decades. To that end, we need to make drug tests on professional athletes random, not something that just happens once a year that they know about. Random drug tests are the only way to keep them honest.

  • No should be more than yearly

    Athletes get paid a lot of money to play their sport. The sport does not allow for drugs to be taken. I don't think a yearly drug test is enough, there should be random drug testing through out the year. If you do just one drug test then athletes will find a way around it and abuse drugs when they know they aren't getting tested.

  • No, they should take weekly tests.

    If you give an athlete a test for drugs only once a year, the odds are that he is going to be on performance enhancing and other drugs the other 364 days or whatever it takes to test clean. Athletes must be tested on a regular, even weekly, basis so that we know they play fair.

  • Not necessarily, BUT........

    They should not be adored, overpaid, and put to unrestricted 'god status' with little or no consequences til they are no longer useful. And like most uneducated, goofy athletes jettisoned to fame and money with no brain to comprehend the instantaneous good fortune, they leave a trial of smitten girl friends and fatherless kids who will be on the dole when the kid has no income. Yea, that supersedes a 50 drug test.

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