• Yes! Stop criminalizing everyday behavior!

    Prostitution is simply the criminalization of everyday behavior. Each and everyday people have sexual conversations, carry condoms and lube, and exchange sex and money in one way or another. Because of cash money and the honesty, prostitution becomes illlegal. It is only illegal because the suffragettes and Protestants of yesteryear used the government to FORCE their views upon others.

    Decriminalization is much safer for prostitutes, who can be male or female. Laws are often aimed at women. These are modern day sexual purity laws.

    Feminist power in other countries has not helped. For example, in Cambodia thanks to US pressure, sex workers are arrested, sent to reeducation camps, and forced to work in factories for nothing. Notice that comments below advocate taking a woman who is supporting herself and making her work a low wage job. Yesteryear moralist women wants sex workers to scrub the streets! Many feminists want to punish, not help, sex workers. If these women truly wanted to help sex workers, they would not want the workers to have a CRIMINAL RECORD which will lock her into sex work.

  • Prostitutes should have a word in it

    It seems the most vocal of prostitution is the Feminists and religious groups. The main reason prostitutes won't voice it themselves is because they don't want to be suspected of practicing prostitution. The ones that should have the biggest voice in concern over the issue of prostitution being illegal or not should be prostitutes and they agree that prostitution should be legal as it will protect them from STDs, murder, rape and abuse.

  • Maybe there would be fewer prostitutes

    De-criminalizing it might improve working conditions for prostitutes and reduce the possible spread of STDs and AIDS. It would cut down on work for police and prosecutors who would normally have to make arrests and attend proceedings and hearings related to prostitution. There are several arguments that it would decrease sex slaves and make it safer for women and children in a variety of countries.

  • Yes it should.

    Prostitution should not only be decriminalized, but it should be completely legalized. If you legalize prostitution, you could regulate it and tax it as well. Then if there is a problem with a prostitute and their employer, then they can sue them for doing wrong. That is not possible now.

  • Yes is should.

    Prostitution should be decriminalized. There is not reason for it to still be illegal. If someone wants to sell their body to strangers for sex, then they should be allowed to because it is their body and their choice.Taxing this would also be a good way for the government to make money.

  • Prostitution should be decriminalized.

    Prostitution should be decriminalized. It works in Las Vegas so why would it not work everywhere else. At least if it is legalized then the people that put themselves in danger in that line of work would be protected by the authorities. I am not for prostitution but it is not like we will ever be able to stop it.

  • Yes,prostitution should be decriminalized.

    Prostitution should be decriminalized for several important reasons.First of all it is currently a crime involved with sex.Since virtually everyone is involved in sex in some extent it can be seen as a universally accepted activity.Another aspect to consider is disease.It could more easily be regulated if it was legal.

  • It's all about consent

    Prostitution should absolutely be decriminalized. As long as a woman is in the business because she wants to be, is of legal age, and is safe about it, there is no reason it should continue to be criminalized. Sex is legal until there is money involved, and I believe that as long as it is between two consenting adults, payment or no payment is up to them, not the government.

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  • NO, sex is not a commodity

    Sex is not a business transaction. While many women feel that prostitution is the only choice they have, this is simply not the case. It may be the case that prostitution is the most convenient option, or that they are unable to conceive of another option, but there is a wide breadth of entry level positions that pay minimum wage. We should raise minimum wage so that low class citizens can live off those pay checks. Maybe then women wont be so quick resort to prostitution to pay their bills.

  • Prostitution should not Be Decriminalized.

    Prostitution is a social ill and it should not be decriminalized. It is clear that the women involved in prostitution are doing so under duress. The government should work to end prostitution and provide support and alternate employment opportunities for the women involved. It is highly sexist and misogynistic to allow prostitution.

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