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  • Should prostitution be legal in Nevada?

    No, prostitution has to be illegal in Nevada because Nevada's reputation is already one of the most lowest in the country. Las Vegas is the one most known for the highest prostitution levels in any other city in Nevada. If we allow prostitution in Nevada we will become the worst state in the union because prostitution is not appropriate for any minors and many people will be on the streets doing drugs, alcohol, and other inappropriate things. This is why prostitution should not be allowed in Nevada.

  • No it should not.

    Prostitution should not be legal in Nevada or anywhere else for that matter. It spreads sexual diseases increases the chance people will cheat on one another and is overall done in a very shady and unhealthy way. It should not be legal anywhere and we should help to get them off the streets.

  • Prostitution should not be legal in Nevada.

    Prostitution should not be legal in Nevada, or, anywhere. Prostitution involves human trafficking and is immoral. You should not be able to purchase a person for sex. It is barbaric and disgusting. It's pathetic for men to pay for sex, and it's inhumane for women to be forced to do it.

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