• Prostitution Should Be Legalized For A Variety of Reasons:

    Legalized prostitution would be a massive benefit to out economy, it would also allow prostitution to be cleaner and safer for both the providers and the solicitors. I will provide more information and sources with the information upon request. The main reason why people are against prostitution has to deal with religion and "adultery". If it weren't for "adultery" being a negative in almost every religion, it would be legalized. There are many more reasons on why prostitution should be legal but I digress.

  • Prostitution should not be legalized.

    Some people are very desperate for money, so they turn to prostitution as a way to make money. If they do not have a better way to make money, they should not be making any.
    Also, in my opinion, prostitution is just wrong. Sex should be an act of love and prostitution is just a desperate attempt to make money. Prostitution is wrong and should not be legalized.

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