• To stop harassment

    Its time prostitution is legalised. We are wasting too much of time on a profession which is older than civilization. A person who wants sex will always try to get it legally or illegally. Whereas a person who wants sex with only with his partner will not solicit it from a prostitute. It will not affect the morality. Like a bar a brothel also will exist.

  • Prostitution should be legalized everywhere.

    Prostitution is referred to as the world’s oldest profession
    for a reason. There will always be a
    demand for prostitution. Criminalizing it
    only makes it more dangerous and more expensive. If it were legalized, it could be taxed,
    regulated, and the sex workers could be required to take mandatory STD
    tests. Legalizing prostitution in India would
    be good for the Indian economy.

  • Yes, it should be legalized.

    Your body is your personal property and what you decide to do with it is your business. People have intercourse because its a part of life and its done for free, if you decide to receive funds for your sexual encounters then that should be your choice and not be illegal.

  • No it should not be legalized.

    Being in a cultural country like India,most of the people avoid prostitutes as they wont mingle and wont let their children to mingle with them.If it gets legalized ,people who refrain from indulging in that also will enter as they might think that will be the easiest way to earn.So by legalizing we ourselves will promote and encourage heinous act.If it is not legalized they might turn up to other ways of livelihood which protects their dignity and deserves respect

  • How could we even doubt? It should NEVER!! Be legalised!!

    There may be many out there who make a hand to mouth living through this profession. Their life depends on it in that they choose it as the means by which to live, I understand but PLEASE, everyone should understand something very important, sex is a divine act of procreation, of creating life and of strong bonding between the male and the female. It's something exquisite, beautiful. In making it such a petty indignifying profession the divine act is demeaned beyond all bearable limits and to a despicable extent. IT IS NOT AN OPTION FOR EARNING A LIVING, even the sex workers themselves are indignified due to their profession, they are having to veil their faces to talk about their job in public, with all the million other jobs out there is this all they get to choose? (Then that is what we have to do something about). My friends we are humans! We have evolved an idea of 'humanity', thereby claiming us separate from and more evolved than the others on the animal kingdom. Where is this 'humanity' now? What happened to our morality??! How in the world could we even think of legalising this?!! :'(

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Vishnu3333 says2014-10-28T14:44:35.220
This is NOT FAIR! At the time of my writing this there is one opinion on the left side and a proper scrutiny on the other side, the one on the right being more meaningful more correct and more backed and more closer to the greater good. However, it is given lesser value! The one in the left is crass and less deserving. Without any bias it's supposed to be 50% say yes and 50% say no since there are only two posts one on each side but it says 67% say yes and 33% say no. It's supposed to be the other way around!, or at least 50-50. The value of the post is what that matters but is not taken into consideration! This is sad.