Should Public Displays of Affection(PDA) be allowed?

Asked by: Uniter
  • Its human nature!

    Yes, pda can be offensive to some. And yes, it may be seen as disgusting, but we've done this since our race first began. Nobody wants to see sex or french kissing all the time, but whats the issue with a light kiss? A hug, holding hands, linked arms? Come on, everybody does it. If its banned, children will only rebel. While they should not know about it at a young age, they need to learn eventually. If the parents dont want the kids seeing/ doing this, then keep them away from stuff like porn and pornographic movies.

  • I don't see why not

    There's not really a reason to ban PDA as a whole. While I'd prefer not to see a couple smooching on a park bench, I do realise that they are a couple and their love should be allowed where ever they are. That being said, there certainly is a time and a place for everything, and making babies in the park is not the correct time nor place

  • People being people

    Its a part of human nature to show signs of affection in public. Its not like they are taking it as far as they do at their home or the others home. People can kiss in public all they want as long as they are not slobbering on each other like dogs. Holding hands or even something as simple as having their arms around each other is harmless its not hurting me or anyone else its just two people who love and care for each other

  • There is a time and a place. But really who will inforce this?

    WHat kind of society would think that a kiss being broken ub by goverment is ok? Sure you should not be able to have sex in public, and its illegal. But who is o say what a peck is vs french kissing? Who will determine this? People just need to be taught manners and dignity. It needs to be "allowed" but not be taken out of hand. Also not in high schools, there is enough horromons there.

  • We did this earlier...

    PDAs are protected under freedom of expression.
    If people wish to express their affection for each other, more power to them. Sure, I'll be all judgmental, but that's part of being human.
    As long as they keep their clothes on, I could care less.
    However, they should at least try to avoid making a scene.

  • It's in bad taste, but it's not dangerous.

    Public affection, at least when past a certain extent, can be awkward and uncomfortable for others. However, it does not pose a threat to others and can be deemed as a form of self expression, some may even find it endearing. Banns should certainly be restricted to things that are dangerous or oppressive to others rights, and social matters should be left up to the people to dispute themselves. The government is here to protect, not impose values.

  • No reason why not

    I do not see why PDA is such a big deal. Love is not a bad thing is it now? I don't care if some idiot finds 'holding hands disgusting' if I want to hold hands with a loved one, I will. If I want to kiss that special someone, then I should have all the rights to do so, as long as I do not disturb anybody else.

  • Love is love

    I think is way better to watch people hugging, laughing, kissing and doing other things to show the world they love each other than some people arguing, fighting or yelling. Love is a beautiful gift and I think we shouldn't be estricted or hold back in this matter. At all.

  • Detrimental to culture.

    PDAs are one of the more visible signs of modern culture going downhill. There are other, less visible pieces of evidence supporting that - increasing acceptance of premarital sex and even open relationships, for example - and it can and must be stopped. I usually prefer education rather than hard bans on things, but I think drastic actions are called for now, especially as most teachers gag themselves about sexual matters, not wanting to be branded conservative by students.

    One way to show the youth of today that sexual openness is not acceptable is to make PDAs illegal. Banning premarital sex and the like are highly unfeasible, so we should focus on what we *can* ban. The effects of a PDA ban are not solely to act as a deterrent (although it can). Kids tend to think that illegal things must be wrong, so if PDAs are introduced to them alongside other crimes like jaywalking and illegal downloading, they will associate PDAs with crime as well, which discourages them to do PDAs and therefore reduce sexual openness in our culture. That will likely lead to a more moral culture, and thus our future generations are more likely to reject premarital sex and other forms of sexual openness.

    As an aside, PDAs are already illegal in my area, but the punishments are light (small fines). The law is hardly ever enforced and little known.

  • I don't think everyone wants to see people making out.

    The way I see it, is that people don't want to see other people kissing, and some people don't even like seeing people holding hands. Some people find it disgusting, it's as simple as that. Plus ever since more homosexuals became indifferent to public opinion, and began showing PDAs, more homophobic protests have began. I think that if people show each other love in private places, it would be better for everyone. Homosexuals can have all the fun they want, without the public protesting. Heterosexuals can also enjoy themselves in private, rather than showing other people, and children in public what it means to display love. I don't think it is a must to show the world that you enjoy making love with your man or woman.

  • What about my right to what I see?

    I don't want to see, and definitely don't want my kids to see, extreme PDA. Holding hands is alright, but making out in the middle of the mall?! Many religions teach that such actions are not acceptable in that situation, and those people in those religions have the right not to their religion and values. PDA lowers those values and sets a bad example for our kids. I don't want my teenager doing that, and as his mom, I have the authority to tell him so. But, when he is learning something completely different in public areas, it's difficult.

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