• Should public nudity be allowed?

    Yes i think that it should be allowed everywhere because the human body is beautiful and it is hidden ALOT. But why would god give us the beautiful body if we cant show it we should be able to show our body if we choose to show our body after all it is our body!

  • Nudity should be legal

    There is nothing wrong with being nude in public. It's about self expression. I am open minded, and I enjoy sun bathing nude and mowing the lawn nude and swimming nude. I would love to be able to ride my bike nude. I also enjoy nude hiking but there is no place in new Hampshire for that. Nudity is freedom of speech.

  • Why should it be illegal?

    If you don't like public nudity, then keep Your clothes on. People that want to be nude should be allowed to, it doesn't hurt anyone. As for kids seeing it, who cares, they are naked at home and see their parents naked. Nudity is natural and should be legal everywhere!

  • People should be able to voice there own beliefs

    Public nudity is not a bad thing but indeed its a healthy way to live and I find it in no way to be a bad thing. People worry to much about clothes and what other people will think about them and by making public nudity legal people can show there not afraid of there body and who they are. People make nudity a sexual thing when its not its just people trying to be free and one with there body. We have made it so nudity is seen as perverted and sexual in our society when intern its natural and it would make it so people aren't so sensitive about there body and that being naked is a great experience and just feels natural

  • People give clothes too much power

    Much of the population seems to believe that being nude is an "intimate" thing and that children will be somehow "corrupted" by seeing people's skin. I ask you this: so what if children regularly saw naked people? The majority of people see pornography for the first time in their early teens, some earlier, some never, but what difference does it make? Sex and skin are a part of natural life. Children who see people naked when they're six years old and from then onward have no more chance of becoming rapists or thieves or murderers than those who don't.
    And the only reason people think that being nude is intimate is that we've all been wearing clothes for so long that we're often nervous to show our skin to people. People themselves make being nude intimate, which is fine, but nobody should push their beliefs upon others.
    Let people be nude if they're comfortable. The purpose of clothes in the first place was to keep humans warm and protect us from natural forces, not gain popularity or maintain the shred of a false moral stature.

  • How we came

    The way we came in this world is the way the we should go out. L was not born with clothes on my back so it should be an optional. If the government was mandate clothing then they should buy them for all not just the ones on welfare. Until they do it should be our option to wear clothes or not.

  • Proud gay public nudist!

    As a long term proud GWM public nudist, I applaud all efforts to have total public nudity any where totally accepted. It is only natural, healthy, puts everyone on the same level when we are NAKED, saves money, enhances communication and is the only ideal way to live whether it be a single person, group, family or children!! Right on for the CAUSE OF PUBLIC NUDITY ANY WHERE IN THE USA!!! HELL YES!! SHED THOSE CLOTHES!!

  • It is the whey humans were designed to live.

    It would improve the health and well being of the human race. Clothes would only be needed for protection from cold and inclement weather. Without the aid of clothing to define class or profession every one would converse on the same level. I know from experience that after half an hour of being nude in a group of nude people you forget about being nude.

  • It's very healthy.

    History has shown that nudity has never been harmful to a society. However, clothing has sexualized our bodies. Nudity has physical, social, and psychological benefits. How can natural nudity be more offensive than body modifications such as tattoos or piercings? We accept these things openly and freely, but condemn the beauty of the natural body.

  • In Certain Places

    Public nudity should be allowed in appropriate places. For me the appropriate place is definitley your own property. I would love to be allowed in my own backyard , but living in a urban enviroment, this is considered public even if you have a fence, if it is possible a neighbor or passerby cann see you. Also would have no problem with a public pool or beach. But would not think it appropriate in stores or businesses.

  • No, it shouldn't

    No, I would have to disagree that public nudity should be allowed. Being nude is a pretty intimate thing and it would not be appropriate to display one's body in its natural form such as nakedness in public. It would not be appropriate for small children to see this kind of thing because they likely would not understand it.

  • Depends on the Situation

    In real life, I believe its freedom and you don't judge people by their bodies.

    But it's horrible and wrong how its on the internet. I didn't even it existed on the internet until 1 month ago. All sites containing "nudism" should be closed/removed. Having nude pictures of children is just straight pathetic and disgusting.

  • Public nudity should not be allowed.

    At first I thought, 'why not?' If everyone walked around naked, maybe we wouldnt feel so bad about our bodies and wouldnt have low self esteem. Before Adam and Eve ate the apple, they were content to be naked. However, on the pro side, people see people of the opposite sex and nature kicks in. Not good.

  • No the general public display of nudity should not be allowed.

    No the general display of nudity in public is not in the interest of the majority of the population. Community standards should be specific to the community being affect by them, to that end the display of nudity should be limited to areas and places where it is within the accepted standards of the community.

  • No, unsophisticated and immoral.

    It is very shameful to show our nude bodies to members of the opposite sex (who are not our consorts). Not only this but if public nudity is allowed, it will consequently lead to open copulation and even public orgies. Humans are not like the other beasts of the earth, clothing is essential and allowing open nakedness is quiet perverse...

  • No, it shouldn't be allowed, there is a reason why we invented clothing.

    Going around naked is only natural in a very basic sense of that word. Humans are social creatures, we evolve along with our society and clothing is an important part of it. It protects as from cold, sunburn, damage, bacteria, etc., and because of that, nakedness became associated with vulnerability. It can and often is an expression of person's identity, their style. It is an indication of status or role, which isn't necessarily bad contrary to what naturists say, although that's probably material for another debate.

    Perhaps nudity is not inherently sexual - but since the prevalance of clothing made it inappropriate in most non-sexual situations - most people see it as such. And it shouldn't be wrong for nakedness to be associated with sex and intimacy; indeed it can and is useful.

    It isn't wrong for people to be uncomfortable around naked people, it is just the way our society is and there are legitimate reasons for that, not all of which are as shallow as naturists make them out to be.

  • We are not ready for this.

    While I personally believe that nudity in itself shouldn't be such a taboo as, really, it's just a bunch of body parts, there's nothing to about it inherantly bad...Well...Our society is. We live in a world where we still have to teach women to recognize the taste of a spiked drink, where they are taught how to handle dangerous men, how to dress to not catch someone's attention...

    We are an awful society full of awful people, and allowing people to get naked is just the gateway for abuses even more easy. Let's face it: you can say that it's a matter of educating well people, but it's just not going to happen: breasts and genitals will remain sexual parts for the majority, and they are definitely not going to let you say "no" when attempting to grab them.

    Nudity shouldn't be a problem, but our society is. We don't live in a world where we're safe enough to be ourselves. It's sad, but it's how it is.

  • It's revolting .

    I don't want to see the genitals of people randomly walking around, that's just revolting, also don't want to see naked fat fucks walking around, dear satan spare my eyes from those abominations.

    I also don't want my child to see some mutilated penis(circumcised) that's just inapropiate.

    People say the human body is beatifull bwhaha, not it's not, there are a ridiculous amount of ugly ass people who are so ugly you would need to be paid money just to tolerate looking at them, even more so if they were naked, have you also taken a look at the amount of fat fucks in the US? Therés a ridiculous amount of them, really want to see them all naked on the street?

  • Yes: reduced sexual objectification

    Conservatives might say that we need clothes to protect women from the male gaze. That clothes are actually the barrier between a woman and her sexual objectification. That if a woman simply avoided wearing revealing clothing, she wouldn't be in danger of rape.

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Clothing actually PROMOTES sexual objectification and increases sexual appetites. It used to be that simply revealing your ankles was considered a scandalous and sexually enticing affair. Yet in indigenous societie and nudist resorts, where members walk around completely naked, SOMEHOW they avoid massive orgies all day long. Clearly, the parts of our body that are considered "too sexually enticing to show" differ from society to society, and so taboo parts are not genetic: they're learned. Just like racism and math. And just like racism, you can unlearn that behavior.

    Clothes don't prevent us from sexually objectifying parts of our bodies: they show us exactly WHAT to objectify. They are a self fulfilling prophecy. And if everyone walked around naked, I think we'd all find that we would have to deal with that fact that people are people from top to bottom. And similarly to how we have desexualized the ankle, we could desexualize every body part.

    To be sure, nudity can still be arousing even if individual parts have been desexualized! But we as humans have more control over where and when we experience that arousal than we think. Do people with foot fetishes go gaga every time they go to the beach? No. Neither would the public at large if everyone were naked.

    I think we'd also find that we are more alike than dislike in body image. And that can only be a good thing.

    That being said, "everybody being naked" is pie in the sky. The more likely scenario is that, were public nudity to be legalized, the people already comfortable with it would likely experiment with naked jogging through the neighborhood, naked grocery shopping, etc, while the rest of humanity went on as usual.

  • It's not proper

    When God clothed Adam and Eve he was covering them so that they need not be ashamed. Even for a purely human standpoint the idea of people wondering around without clothes just isn't proper - either for children or adults. It's bad enough that it's on TV, why put it on our streets?

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Artiefox says2016-04-10T19:11:59.260
Jonathan Hughes I am also known as Artiewhitefox.

It is a sin to call what God made to be evil. Blood in the body makes the body to be corrupt. That corrupt body has a digestive system in it that will be destroyed when the saved put on incorruption. Defiled religon gives guilt. Google people are defiled religious people in their works. They work ill to people.
People who are aganst the sight of the nude form are against themselves not even knowing it. Google people need to be told this. They need to stop opressing people. People on Google are against themselves.
Artiefox says2016-04-10T19:12:17.653
Jonathan Hughes I am also known as Artiewhitefox.

It is a sin to call what God made to be evil. Blood in the body makes the body to be corrupt. That corrupt body has a digestive system in it that will be destroyed when the saved put on incorruption. Defiled religon gives guilt. Google people are defiled religious people in their works. They work ill to people.
People who are aganst the sight of the nude form are against themselves not even knowing it. Google people need to be told this. They need to stop opressing people. People on Google are against themselves.