• Bullying

    It would help a lot with bullying if everyone wore the same thing. I really do find bullying a big problem in my school and a lot of times it is caused by what people are wearing and the different styles they have. If schools had uniforms people would rebel against them a lot but I think eventually it would help make a lot of kids realize everyone is the same.

  • It saves time

    You wouldn't have to worry about what to wear because your outfit is already set up, and you will not need to worry about meeting other people's expectations. That's why I think we should get a school uniform for public schools. That is all I have to say and want to say

  • Must have Uniforms

    The schools should have uniforms because it can help academics and bullying so everyone is wearing the same thing. The Number of discipline referrals decreased by 40% in the last few years, and 20% of the world has uniforms for schools which is a lot if you think about it.

  • Must have Uniforms

    The schools should have uniforms because it can help academics and bullying so everyone is wearing the same thing. The Number of discipline referrals decreased by 40% in the last few years, and 20% of the world has uniforms for schools which is a lot if you think about it.

  • Public Schools should require uniforms

    Making public school kids would make enforcing the dress code a lot easier and faster. It would make everyone feel like they are on an even playing field, because a lot of bullying and social hierarchy comes from clothing brands. School uniforms would also focus the students' attention on studying, instead of brand name clothing or judging everyone else. Wearing school uniforms makes everyone feel together, since everyone is wearing the same thing, like the military. School uniforms will also be made so that they are not too revealing, so that they respect the teacher. In my opinion, students wearing a crop top shirt to school is disrespectful to the teachers, because it shows that you don't care about what you wear outside. Also in my opinion, wearing a crop top shows that you have no self respect, or a sense of self privacy. Some students wear booty shorts to school, and the same thing goes to them. A student told me that she likes to dress like a celebrity, but school is not the place to do that, since you don't go to school to hang out, but for studying and getting a job in the future.

  • Yes yes yes

    It will help with the dress code and bullies and school shooting around the world so yes on the uniforms and the uniforms should be school colors so yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Yes yes yes

    If u don't like don't post i tank so because of school shooting and shooting around the world if u don't like do n't post so i tank all school should wear uniforms and i will help with the dress code and bullies in school and uniforms should be school colors

  • Yes because of school shooting and should around the world so yes

    You dont like it do post wearing uniforms would be grate for school around the world yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Students should still wear uniforms

    People around the globe thinks that students should be able to wear what they want only if it's appropriate but that's not right because it's not RESPECTFUL and that's not allowed to happen. Students in all schools should still wear school uniforms. It Stops Bullying In All Schools!!!! Very Very Helpful.

  • Of course they still should and here is why

    People in the world constantly say that students shouldn't wear uniforms in school, but they should because it stops bullying which is a serious thing and it it very respectful to the teachers and the schools. Although students do sweat a lot but there is a reason why schools and homes have air conditioner. THEY STILL SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No they shouldn't

    The biggest argument against this is bullying. Prior to high school, I went to an private middle school in which we wore uniforms. They didn't help reduce bullying. Instead of bullying people over clothes, we bullied over skin tone. No matter what you are wearing, kids, teens, people in general still find things to say about others.

  • Public schools should not have uniforms.

    I think that no school should have a uniform because everyone has their own personality, and people express through their sense of fashion. Some people think that with uniforms there will be less bullying but I don't think it will stop anyone, for it might be the person is too quiet so they get bullied.

  • No need for them

    I went to a private school for a while but i'm now at a public school. There are a lot of things that i like about uniforms, but i'm glad I don't need to wear them any more. While I was in private school I had wasted a lot of my other clothes because I had to wear a uniform. Uniforms lead to wasted,unused clothes that are making your closet a mess.

  • Public schools should not have uniforms

    Why should schools have uniforms? What do they help imporve? Honestley they take away from alot of things. For instance, freedom of expresson. Students really need to express themselves these days. They should be allowd to wear what they want because they want to show off who they are inside and out.

  • No they shouldn't

    Its a public school, kids should be able to wear whatever they would like. They aren't allowed to tell you what you can and can't wear since it is not a private institution. Its unconstitutional to tell someone what to wear to a public school. All it is is an outfit, it isn't hurting anyone or showing that you are better than them, its a freedom to wear what you want.

  • Check your source

    I think one of the reasons that research is turning up in support of uniforms improving grades and school spirit and all that sort of stuff is because most schools with uniforms are private schools. In general private schools tend to have better grades to begin with so i think your information may be skewed. Also trying to say that it will reduce bullying is pretty flimsy, a bully will continue to bully regardless. Finally if you really want to improve these things then there are other things that can be changed just as easily and with much less controversy.

  • Public schools should NOT wear uniforms

    Kids would lack a way to express themselves and there would be no individuality because they would look the same as every other kid. Some uniforms may make a child feel uncomfortable which could lead to low self esteem. Uniforms can be VERY expensive and some households cannot afford that. Parents would have to shell out the money to buy two wardrobes for their child.

  • Uniforms are horrible

    In a recent study, it cost each family in a school district $300 for school uniforms. Also, it would be more disruptive to have uniforms because each teacher would have to check students to see if their outfit fits the uniform standards. If it did not, then the student would be sent home to change, which detracts very much from learning, which is the point of school. So I say no uniforms.

  • We should not have uniforms

    I don't think we should have uniforms in a public school. Sure, it may be easier to get ready in the morning because your outfit is already picked out. But to be honest, most kids don't want uniforms these days. Kids want to be themselves and wear their own clothes. I know when I was a kid and bought a new outfit I couldn't wait to wear it to school the next day and show it off. Plus, some people can't afford these expensive uniforms that some schools are forcing kids to wear now. Also, I know what having a uniform is like because I went to a private school for kindergarten. It's not fun. I have to admit, I am lazy. I hated coming home and having to change from school. It's very unnecessary and no one should be forced to wear these itchy uniforms!

  • I'm neutral, but if kids don't want it.. Don't give it!

    Schools are saying that it will increase sense of belonging and pride and you know what, doing anything in school can raise that. Football does it for some, band, orchestra, chorus, robotics club, anything like that will raise pride. Instead kids could get annoyed or happy. It won't help with bullying, it won't help school attendance, it won't reduce gangs either. In fact people could get the feeling of arrogance and feel better than others in different schools or still in the same school. It won't change that. In the end it's about the majority of the vote that the STUDENTS have! Let them decide if you really care that much about it.

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Anonymous says2013-04-30T19:35:38.127
Im on both sides
DReview says2014-01-12T23:48:23.007
This is a topic that should be brought up in higher frequency next election! Looking back at my experience in Public School, when I was a high schooler, I noticed that most people clicked due to social classes. This is a huge drift not noticed as much in private schools, because everyone is in uniform and clicks form for other reasons. Yes there will still be bullying and teenage scrutiny, BUT there's a reason private schools have higher levels of success from graduates. Uniforms is one of the factors. Lets copy the blue print of the top ranked private school and apply it to public schools.