Should R-rated products be available to people under 17?

  • Yes, because they're allowed to view R-Rated products anyway!

    Minors already view R-Rated products, so what's the point? I think that if the parents feel that their child is eligible for this form of treatment, then by all means, it should be legal! I think that we should stop caring about restricting R-Rated material and start caring about impeaching Obama before he creates World War 3!

  • Teens are already exposed to R-rated activity.

    I am currently in middle school and I have observed that the language and actions of other students is either equal to or more radical than that of any R-rated movie that I have ever seen. I do not think that everyone should get to watch R-rated movies but maybe it should be lowered.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    No, I don't think that R-rated products should be available for people under 17. If their parents think it's okay for them to view them, then that's one thing and their parents can buy them for them. But until they are 17, they should not be able to purchase them for themselves because they are likely not age appropriate for them.

  • No, people under 17 should not have R-rated products.

    Products that are rated R are intended for people age 17 and older. Just like movies, there are some things that younger persons should be prohibited from doing. Things need to be kept consistent, whether it is movies or video games. The limits need to be maintained and some problems will be avoided.

  • No, R-rated products should not be available to people under 17.

    Why? Because it corrupts the mind. It promotes pre-marital sex. It can cause kids to take a chance, a risky chance. Childrens minds are still developing, and to expose them to R-rated products could stunt their development. I don't even think the age should be under 17. I think it should be upgraded to under 21.

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