Should racist/fascist people have the right free speech?

  • Speech requiring protection

    We are lucky to have laws that protect speech, otherwise we live in a world where the government decides what speech is acceptable. Speech that is popular requires no protection. But always remember that having the right to speak doesn't grant the right to be heard. The road goes both ways, is the speaker going to be given the time of day to have someone's attention? Or are we too willing to give anyone the floor knowing that we won't like what they will be saying?

  • Racism is Headed Out

    We expect the same considerations we extend to others. I abhor racism and it's inevitable devolution into division. However, it is your absolute right to hold and express ANY opinion you choose. The law applies to actions (there are no thought laws). You are free to be the most selfish, boorish, tasteless citizen you want to be, until you take action. Those actions must fall within the bounds of the law. If your actions violate those law, there are consequences.

    Racism is simply deep rooted ignorance (most likely a gift from a parent). There are, and i am sad to say, 7yr old racists. Do you propose we classify this child with David Duke?

    Our generation is less racist than our parents, who were less racist than their parents. Our children are less racist than our generation. This is the information age, and perhaps all of this information is making all of the old schools of thought obsolete.

  • Speech is free no matter if you agree with it or not

    To truly be free and have free speech everybody's opinion matters you don't have to agree with that you don't have to like it but you can can stand against it no matter what they say they have a right to say it in this country if you shut down one side you have become the fascist that you don't like once you start controls speech from either side it's going to be to become a police state

  • Yes I do

    A truly free society requires that its citizens to be honest with each other. Without honesty institutions can't function with transparency, and without transparency, justice is impossible. Besides, on a more cynical note, I much rather know who my enemy is- honorable battles requires ownership of one's thoughts and words.

  • Yes I do

    A truly free society requires that its citizens to be honest with each other. Without honesty institutions can't function with transparency, and without transparency, justice is impossible. Besides, on a more cynical note, I much rather know who my enemy is- honorable battles requires ownership of one's thoughts and words.

  • Free speech - We are free

    Without free speech we would barely have harmony between most nations. It is because of those people who gave free speeches and took action peacefully that we are now living in a civilized country. If people can't give free speeches than i'm sorry why don't we just die with our opinions and not communicate at all. Free speeches is just another way of expressing ones opinion. People should be to tolerate one's opinion whether it does or does not say anything against your belief or culture. Tolerance is key in this topic because in the end it won't change your belief/culture/religion in any way.

  • Democracy and free speech extends to everyone, even anti-democracy parties!

    I see a lot of people disagree with me, but may I highlight that democracy and free speech should be allowed for everyone! Even though they want to remove the two, they should still have the right to speak about their opinion, to deny them that right would be contradictory to the purpose of free speech.

  • Freedom at its core

    If you punish someone for the right to an opinion you take away a persons freedom. We are a free country or at least we used to be. Those who are offended by someones remark and don't even take into consideration the basis for the remark and only focus on certain angles that to them imply hurtful things need to look at themselves because they may very well be the one that is racist. This goes into a great question, is it racist if its true?

  • If we want to remain free

    If we censor and tell people how they are allowed to think and speak then we would be taking away freedom at its core. People need to get over being offended by someones opinion, in fact it is my opinion that if you are easily offended by someone's remarks or views then you need to take a good look at yourself because you may very well be the one that is racist by even thinking that about the other person. Is it racist if its true ? I honestly feel race should be removed from our way of life, no longer should you ever in any situation be asked what the color of your skin is. We should only be concerned about the individuals qualifications. No one should be punished for his or her views, for when they are we will no longer be free.

  • Free speech is free speech

    Freedom speech is a right we, as humans, should have. Even the biggest, stupidest, most idiotic morons among us have the right to say what they will. There are plenty of people who I wish would get bound and gagged for the way they speak. Actually bounding and gagging them would be wrong though.

  • A fundamental violation of the liberal formulation of freedom.

    The liberal ideal of freedom is not unlimited. Freedom extends only to the point at which you are not infringing on the freedom of others. The same should be applied to speech. Racists and Fascists are at their core attempting to violate the rights of other individuals within communities, and they intend to put in place a system that upends the most basic promises of a free society. Karl Popper spoke of a "paradox of tolerance" wherein an overly tolerant society will inevitably foster and nurture the intolerant among them. We must accept as a matter of security that those that call for an end to civil rights, to free press and free speech, and in many cases genocide are never given a platform to spread their message.There is no bigotry against the bigoted. There is only self defense.

  • Hell Fucking No #2

    What everybody under 'no' said makes a lot of sense. After pizzagate, I heard of pedophiles trying to be 'activists' by trying to convince the public that children have the psychological capability to consent to having sex with adults... WTF IS THAT SHIT????????!!!! Now it's not racism or fascism, but when you take it apart, fucked up people are trying to convince the public that immoral acts and beliefs are 'okay' because they 'say' they are... Because they have the freedom to their own opinions... WELL YOU KNOW WHAT MOTHERFUCKERS, it's time you start checking yourselves by putting yourselves in the shoes of those you fucking hate. Then you might just understand what it means to be hated... Or molested. SO FOR ANYBODY TRYING TO SAY 'OH, IT'S OKAY TO BE RACIST OR WHATEVER THE FUCK I BELIEVE IS IMMORALLY OKAY' WHY DON'T YOU LOOK DEEP INTO YOURSELF AND ASK YOURSELF WHY YOU'RE SPREADING HATE AND EVIL BECAUSE A LOVING, CARING, AND NON-HATEFUL GOD IS WATCHING... AND SO IS THE DEVIL

  • Hell Fucking No

    I'm refuse to give an inch to someone who will stab me in the back and take away MY rights by using the excuse that they have a right to oppress me. Anyone who's stupid enough to fall for that argument is a retarded shithead who should ask a Holocaust survivor if Nazism being outlawed is oppressing Nazis.

  • It depends on one's definition of 'free speech.'

    For true free speech to flourish, there should certainly be limits on how people are allowed to express themselves. Sending money to racist or fascist terrorist groups? Organizing violent protests that promote racism and fascism? These acts should not be considered legal 'free speech,' if they actively suppress the freedom of others. Is it free speech for a racist to tell someone to go to the back of the bus? Yes, but thankfully it is illegal!

  • ISIS really sucks

    We shall not support the jihad of the evil Isis and must silence them to avoid aiding their cause. Do we really want another Paris, or another 9 / 11? ISIS embodies terror and we must take any means necessary to counter their anti - Americanism and destroy ISIS .

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