• Rap is music

    When people say "rap isn't really music" thats like saying when trains were used and cars were introduced thats like saying cars aren't real transportation. All music is a form of expression , so is rap. Rap has rhythm, it expresses something. What really isn't music is stuff like dub step.

  • Rap is labeled as music unfortunately.

    I do not like rap, but it is a form of expression, and is labeled as music. I use expression loosely, because rhyming about swearing, pot, violence, and sex just reflects how insecure they are, they think they need to act gangsta to look big and bad, when they are just sissies trying to build up a gangsta image.

  • How is it not?

    Okay before you all go running your mouths saying rap is not music what do the rappers rap to? Oh yeah!! MUSIC. They rap to the beats and its not just about poetry yeah it rhymes but you read poetry not RAPidly speak it. Just because you don't like rap doesn't mean it isn't music, If its the kids you're worried about then let their parents decide if they want their kids listening to it or not.

  • Yes rap is definitely music.

    Rap has music in it so if you're going to go running your mouths about how it is "POETRY" I am sorry to say you are wrong. Rap concentrates on the beat of the music you cant just write a poem and say here is my rap. It doesn't work like that rap has to have a beat to it its not all about poetry either its about how they speak they RAPidly speak it. Yes there are many rap songs that are dirty and might have inappropriate language in it. If its the kids you're worried about well its the parents choice on if the child can listen to it or not.

  • Yes, the definition says so

    The definition of rap is: "vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion."
    Now, rap includes both vocal and instrumental sounds and can definitely produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion. Not all rap is people pointing guns at the screen and promoting drug use and violence, most of the tome it is very expressive and can be beautiful. No one would say chart music isn't music but a lot of songs in the chart don't have deep meanings or are beautiful so if you're saying rap isn't music you must be saying chart music isn't music. Why does the fact it may push children to do drugs and shoot guns not make it music. So you're saying if it had a different video it would be music? The video has nothing to do with the song.

  • Yes, rap is music

    Rap may not be to everyone's appeal, but it must be classified as music. It has some singing, instrumental sections, drum beats. What many people would say is not music would be the rapping itself, which is at times just fast-talking, but even this, put to music, must be considered music.

  • How would it not be?

    Of course rap is a genre of music. Rap mostly focuses on rhythm with its drums, it's sampling techniques and Rapping (which is basically spoken rhyming lyrics). How anyone can deny it to be music is beyond me. I think saying that something is not music just because you don't like it is really dumb.

  • Yes, because reading it is not the same as hearing it.

    Could you read rap lyrics? Sure. Would the experience of reading rap lyrics be the same as the experience of listening to that same rap song? No, it wouldn't . The rhythm and sounds of rap music add to it's impact in a way that needs to be heard. That's why rap deserves a place in the music category. There are lots of musical styles. Just because some people don't like some styles doesn't make them not music.

  • Yes, rap should be considered music.

    Many people enjoy the lyrical content and rhythm that rap music uses. It must be considered music because it is composed of the same elements that make up any other genre of music. Though many people of different generations do not enjoy listening to rap music, it should still be considered music.

  • Your opinion does not prove a point.

    Just because you do not like a genre of music, does not mean you can just rule it out and say it isn't real music. Rappers make a lot of money and most of them worked hard to get there, Another point is most people judge rap on one bad song they heard. You can not say rap is horrible. That is equivalent to saying "I tried out for the basketball team and I didn't make it, I suck at every sport."

  • Secret hELP@ Y

    Rap music is repulsive like all the rappers (:We don't want kids thinking its okay to play with real AK47s just because shooting people on Call of Duty is fun. As citizens, we should only listen to Christian gospel to reshape our lives including the children for the next generation.

  • Rap could never be considered music

    What is the first ingredient in a song? Music!! Guitars, drums, violin, piano, horns,... Rap music has none of these! It has two guys sitting in a console pushing buttons making computer synthesized sounds and another guy at the microphone speaking largely indistinguishable words about hate, money, bitches, and drugs. How can anyone consider this to be music?

  • Definitely not music.

    For me, music is either singing or instrumental. Rap? Rappers do nothing but say (usually) rhyming words to a beat. Almost all the beats sound exactly the same, there's usually no creativity. I don't get the rap craze. What is there to like about somebody just yelling lines rhythmically? I hate rap, and that's all there is to it.

  • Every song is unique but most rap isn't musical.

    The definition of the songs you like should have no impact on your enjoyment of it, so please don't be offended. Some rap songs do have a musical background and even singing in parts but the rap portion of music does not follow the melody of the song . Rap is essentially poetry with a strong emphasis on the beat which does not fulfill the definition of music, if the rapper followed the melody and held his notes he would no longer be rapping he would be singing which is musical.

  • It kinda is, but not enough...

    Rap does sound like music, but just having a few tunes play in the background of someone reading a poem doesn't mean that he is singing, right? They should make a separate genre that defines 'rap' becuase I hear some rap which i can consider music, and some that just plainly isn't.

  • Repugnant Aggressive Pretentiousness.

    Claiming rap is music is like knocking a house down and calling the mound of rubble a home. Music has, by definition, melody, rhythm and tonality. Without these, you are left with mere noise. As for the claim that some rap pieces have a melody, this is false. More often than not, they uses riffs on loop. And that is not the same. Music, even absolute music, has a journey. A riff by definition goes nowhere. The most generous claim that can be levelled at rap is that, at a push, it is street poetry. (For hormonal troglodytes).

  • Rap is vulgar, devoid of musical content and a plague on the world.

    Repeat the headline over and over, over and over.

    I defy anyone to listen to rap and tell me what key it's in, what the chord progression is or anything else that has to do with actual music. It's a sad sign that people think rap has any redeeming value.

  • Rap is vulgar, devoid of musical content and a plague on the world.

    Repeat the headline over and over, over and over.

    I defy anyone to listen to rap and tell me what key it's in, what the chord progression is or anything else that has to do with actual music. It's a sad sign that people think rap has any redeeming value.

  • Rap is absolutely terrifying!

    Rap constantly Idolizes women, it's always talking about things to do TO women. Not what to do WITH them, there's a very big difference. Rap also suggests unwanted violence with women, as in, "Slap the B**ch!" It is not respectful. Completely terrifying if your a girl. Rap is NOT even music. Just stupid rhyming words.

  • It is elevated poetry

    It's just not music. Music involves changes in tone (usually from the 8 note scale). Rap doesn't have that. It's simply poetry to a beat. You could then determine that anyone reading something aloud *could* be considered a rapper. It's too undefined, with little explanation. Thus, it's not yet ready to be called music.

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