• Basic justice needed.

    When someone commits rape they've totally ruined someone else's life. Their victim will never recover from the trauma, and the punishment they receive should accurately fit the crime. The criminal has given up his human rights by totally disregarding the human rights of others. I actually think rapists should be executed. But castration is second best - at least that way they'll never be able to have children and inflict themselves on another generation.
    Rape is the worst of all crimes; worse than murder in my opinion, and at the moment the law's response is pitiful. No mercy for those who show us none!

  • Rapists shouldnt reproduce

    When castrating these criminals you make sure that these kind of sick people wont reproduce. They shouldnt be allowded to ever have children. When eliminating their chance of reproducing you are lowering the chances that more rapists are being created. Or you could give them the choice, castration or death penalty

  • Safer to stop them

    A primitive punishment for a primitive crime. Obviously false convictions would be a huge concern, but perhaps that might encourage the courts to take rape a little more seriously. Male rapists would never be able to repeat their crime, and hopefully seeing as they have no dangling baguette women or men, depending on preference, will take the hint and stay away. It's literally the safest option for any future and past victims. Don't forget these could be men, women and children. I'd rather have one man castrated to save them than let the guy rot in prison for three years and learn nothing. Plus, male rapists know the punishment. If they rape knowing they could be castrated then they're practically asking for it.

  • Rapists should be castrated

    When someone attacks another person, and they use a weapon, that weapon is taken away. The weapon rapists use is their penis, and castration could be a major deterrent to several rapists. You wouldn't let a convicted murderer keep his weapon, you shouldn't let a rapist keep his. Castration should only be done when there is evidence, but it should still be done.

  • 40% of Respondents so far are Rape Culture.

    "Castration is worse than rape itself"

    "What about the wrongly convicted?"

    "False rape allegations."

    These are senseless arguments, in my opinion, and promote a culture of rape. Honestly, If castration were implemented, rape would be taken more seriously. As a man, I support rapist castration for extreme cases. (Not every sex offender should be castrated, for example, but aggravated assault, child rape, ect.)

  • Remove what causes them to rape

    We dont let convicted gang member carry fire arms so why would we leave rapists with the tools to commit rape again. Obviously it would only be applicible in cases where there is ABSOLUTE certienty that they commited the crime. After all they are acting barbaric so I see nothing wrong with barbaric punishment

  • The punishment fits the crime

    I don't believe in the death penalty, but I think that castration is the appropriate punishment for rapists. By committing that crime, they lose the right to those parts. I'm also unsure about the level of anaesthesia they should receive, as (obviously) I am against torture, but on the other hand, removing the pain seems to defeat part of the point.

  • The punishment fits the crime

    I don't believe in the death penalty, but I think that castration is the appropriate punishment for rapists. By committing that crime, they lose the right to those parts. I'm also unsure about the level of anaesthesia they should receive, as (obviously) I am against torture, but on the other hand, removing the pain seems to defeat part of the point.

  • Child rape and violent rape should be for sure be punished with castration. This would save space in jail systems and tax dollars.

    You first need to look at what rape is to the victim. People that have been child and/or violent rape loose a part of them forever. This would justify taking something away from the rapist. The best thing to take from a rapist is his drive to rape which is conveniently located in his nut sack. This would be a huge reason for people not to rape. It would save tons of tax dollars from locking these guys up for 10 years then going them going and recommit the crime. End all be all solution for a horrible crime.

  • Castration is needed over death penalty

    No I still believe murder is worse. Look at it this way you are correct they're chemical imbalance will be correct if castrated, however until then they'll be in prison getting raped themselves. See prison rules are weird, if you were sexually abused by your mother we're talking Norman Bates or Edward Gein here. Then if you get caught for killing, mutilating, and raping the genitals you get a pass from most everyone in prison. You were screwed from the get go, however if you're just some horny can't control yourself kind of person believe me your going to get ten times the amount of abuse that you dished out by your inmates. No touching women and children, that a rule by a lot of them even the super crazy ones. So castration and a lifetime of wishing you were dead (suicide eventually your internals don't hold up to prison rape or death penalty. Of course I would vote for the first choice I get so much more satisfaction.

  • Castration is worse than rape itself

    Castration is a brutal way to punish someone.An adequate and reasonable punishment should include lessons to be learned and understanding what was done wrong and try to have a way forward.And by the way if someone is raped and hurt the solution should not be a permanent hurt but rehabilitation

  • What are you trying to do?

    Would castrating them prevent them from attacking more women? They still can beat them, kidnap them, and mistreat them.
    Legal punishment is there to keep people from stomping in others rights. Castration of rapists is plain and irrational revenge, as the only achievement here would be... What, exactly? To please feminazis?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • What about the wrongly convicted?

    Everyone has no doubt heard many stories about people being wrongly convicted of murder based on false testimony. A much larger number of women falsely accuse men of rape and convictions can be made with very little evidence. If a wrong conviction is made and the man is castrated, later to be found innocent, what are you going to do? Glue his penis back on?

  • What if a conviction is overturned?

    Castrating rapists sounds like a great way to punish them, but what happens when you have a conviction based on bad evidence that is later overturned? You can release a man from jail, but you can't uncastrate someone. Castrating an innocent man that was wrongly convicted would be extremely immoral.

  • Castration is backwards (imprisonment and continual mandatory reparation for victim's rehab is more civil)

    You should note that your suggestion in itself is animalistic in nature bordering on savagery. If we all played your an eye for an eye game this we will be an uncivilised society. The best option would be rehabilitation for the victim and imprisonment for the criminal (plus monthly payments towards the victim's rehabilitation). How society reaches the point of consideration for such an issue is a step in the devolution of our species.

  • Rapists destroy lives.

    Their lives should be destroyed too. When a person violates another person, I say they lose the right to their own genitalia. They've shown that they can't use their junk responsibly, and they deserve the same pain and humiliation that they gave to their victim/s. Also, some people argue that we sholdn't do castration because of the chance that the person is inncocent. So should we give out light sentences for all crimes to account for the off chance that the person was actually innocent?? It's a dumb argument. Besides, it's extremely hard to convict someone for rape. Like seriously. They have to be really obviously guilty to get convicted. Tons of rapists get away.

  • False rape allegations

    No because they might be innocent i think its actually worse to castrate some one than the crime to begin with its more life changing and to someone who might not even have done anything that the woman or police say he did it would be unethical and just plain stupid

  • Are we following sharia law or something?

    If you castrating should be a punishment for rapists, why not amputate the hands of thieves, cut the tongues of liars, mutilate the genitals of prostitutes, or chop off the limbs of people who beat others up? In the end, we have to make sure they wont do it again right?

  • To many false accusations

    Since there is discrimination against men when it comes to accusations this should not be done, if a women accuses a guy of something the majority of the time the law is on the side of the women, too big of a chance of hurting a innocent person for as long as this discrimination is around

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