• Yes, recess should be allowed in middle school

    With recess kids have better classroom focus, It in creases their self-esteem, kids get better exercise, and it lowers the obesity rate for children. Kids in middle school only have P.E for half a year and some don't even have it at all. The reason is because their is too many children to account for but if students have recess they can get the exercise they need.

  • Yes, middle schools would benefit from a recess period.

    Yes, recess should be allowed in middle school. Studies show that students who have access to a recess period learn better and retain more information than students who do not have access to a recess period. Also, recess gives teachers a set period to relax and decompress, putting them in a clearer mental space, enabling them to better deal with the rest of their day.

  • Boxing is one of America's pastimes and boxers voluntarily fight.

    Boxing has historically been accepted in American culture. Despite the recent outcry against boxing due to the risk of serious head injuries, boxers are not forced to fight; they choose to fight. Head injuries can occur in many other sports like hockey and football; to illegalize boxing based on head injuries means all sports with potential head injuries should be banned.

  • Yes, recess should be allowed in middle school.

    In addition to classroom activities, peer socialization is a key component of a middle school educational experience. The reality is that a great portion of peer to peer socialization takes place outside of the classroom during free time, including recess. Consequently, recess is a vital component of the overall middle school educational process and must be maintained.

  • No, recess does not have adequate supervision.

    No, recess should not be allowed in middle schools because students that age need to be supervised closely at all times. Recess allows students to spread out over a large area with only minimal adult supervision. This freedom encourages students to engage in appropriate and potentially dangerous activities, such as fighting and the consumption of banned substances.

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