• Recordings of public figures should be released to the public in certain circumstances

    Recordings of public figures should be released to the public all if and only when statements were made to the public or in a public setting. Under no circumstances should private recordings be made public, unless and until the public figure expressly agrees to make the recordings publicly available for the world to hear.

  • Public figures have an obligation to have an open narrative

    Recordings of any person should be released to the public, especially if it is a public figure. It is important that public figures uphold their reputation and do not conduct any secret activity that betrays their narrative. Now the extent of the recordings in question should be limited. There's a fine line between whistle blowing and infringing on others privacy. By no means should the press go out of their way to spy on private conversations.

  • Yes they should be released.

    I do believe that recording of public figures should be stored and reviewed by a select committee. If it is then determined that something inappropriate has taken place they would then be released. The backroom deals of politicians generally stems from the lack of fear they have. They seem to feel protected and entitled and that i snot why they have been elected.

  • Depends on the recordings

    Public figures are people just like the rest of us. If we are talking about releasing recordings that most people would expect to be private, then no, they should not be released unless there is strong evidence of terrible wrongdoing in the recording. If they are recordings regarding public information, then yes, they should be released. It's all a matter of what the content of the recordings is.

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