• Criminalizing an easily acquired drug doesn't solve the problem of why folks take drugs

    As easy as marijuana is to grow and buy, it's silly to have this be illegal. It pushes the activity underground, making it harder to figure out if someone is using the drug. The real problem, which is affects people of all socioeconomic levels, is why folks feel the need to get buzzed, turn away from the world, see life through a hazy filter. Marijuana is basically the same as alcohol -- mildly dangerous in itself, probably dangerous to society, but way too common to ban.

  • Recreational marijuana should be legalized in California.

    Recreational marijuana should be legalized in California. If marijuana was legalized in California the government could make a ton of money from taxes. Although marijuana has been shown to have negative effects if people want to smoke marijuana they will find a way to get it. Legalizing marijuana will allow it to be regulated and taxed so the United States can profit off of it and make sure it's safe.

  • Yes, Marijuana should be legalized for recreational purposes in California..

    Yes, recreational marijuana use should be legalized both in California, as well as across the nation. States like Colorado and Washington have proven the benefits of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. Statistics show that marijuana is safer than alcohol, and other legally obtained drugs such as tobacco. Its legalization also represents numerous advantages on a state level, such as revenue from taxation, and tourism. Its legalization has created a huge economic boom in recreationally legal states, with a thriving new industry, and millions of new jobs being created to power it.

  • Yes, recreational marijuana should be legalized in California.

    Yes, California should legalize recreational marijuana. Marijuana is much safer than many other substances, including legal ones like alcohol and tobacco. Its use is widespread. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use could provide a boon to the state's economy through additional revenues and taxes. The marijuana industry could also add additional jobs.

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