• Yes, religion and politics go hand in hand

    Religion is also the guideline that people use to know how to treat their fellow man. Politics has a lot to do with how people are treated. Seeing that people are cared for and able to live in the best condition is not something that should be reserved to religion. Politicians should consider these principles when running for office--and especially while in office.

  • IT'S ONE!

    When we live our daily life according to our religions then why would we separate it when it comes to politics? We all must agree that politics is also a part of life and when the rest of the things in your life are based upon your religious teachings then why not politics? Every religion teaches honesty, sincerity and good against evil, if politics will not have religion it means it wont have these teachings which will eventually end up in a corrupt environment for the society and the country.

  • They Have To

    Religion is where the values come from...and values are where the laws come from...and laws run a society. The question is: whose religion? Now it gets tricky. If we're honest in the USA - we have Judeo-Christian values; we just purport to not discriminate against people practicing other religions while they're here. But the laws are based on J-C values.

  • You Can't Really Keep Them Apart

    Yes, religion and politics should mix. People make the mistake of trying to keep them totally apart but it isn’t right. Religion is a part of most people’s lives – it’s a part of who they are - a part of the total person. Religion and politics cross over into each other every day as they should. We need to stop making such a big deal out of it and accept it. There is absolutely no way to 100% separate them – it just is not possible.

  • A religous world

    I believe that religion should influenced politics. Quite simply, a majority of the worlds population have Relgious affilifiations such that it only makes sense to account for their Relgious beliefs and practises. Apparently I need more words... A a a a a a a a a a a a a.

  • 응 아니야 ㅋㅋ

    응 아니야 응 아니야 응 아니야 응 아니야 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 아니야...^^

  • Religion and politics are two indispensable part of our lives and very interdependent upon each other

    A religious person is also a spiritual person and a spiritual person is a person with high morale. If a politician or rather a leader is lacking in these the how do you expect the country to be governed with justice. Therefore religion and politics are inter dependent and indispensable

  • Yes yes yes

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  • It will only cause dispute.

    The diversity of faiths in the contemporary world means there are varied beliefs and values, attempting to mix them with politics will only lead to conflict. Plus the number of people who claim affiliation with no religion is rising and therefore, to some extent, religion is losing its political relevance.

  • Learn from history

    Since when was mixing religion and government ever a good idea? We should have learned from: the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials, the present-day Jihad? Radical Islamic terrorists bombing people? The Taliban? Government is not supposed to be based on outdated religious laws for thousands of years ago. If you mix religion and government there will be somebody that will attempt to use the religion to get the power they need, or hurt others. You shouldn't be able to claim to do something "because god told me to" or "God made me do it". It's just simple. Learn from your historical mistakes, humans.

  • Religion can influence law, however, they should be separate entities.

    Religion feeds a peoples' values, which in turn creates the basis for law. But a diverse network of religion is needed in order to encourage differing perspectives, so that our law is an amalgamation of, what society deems, the best ideals. Without the separation between religion and politics, everyone has to follow the same religion, eliminating religious freedom. Without religious freedom, people are stopped from being able to think for themselves about these issues. One only needs to look at our recent history for an example of the conflict this can create.

  • Not everyone is religious the government should agree with everyone

    When you see government and religion in America it always deals with Christianity while many people in America aren't Christian or follow a religion at all how is that fare to them or anyone how is that equal everyone should be equal with religion in government mixed that is simply not possible. Mixing religion and government causes people to have one set way of doing thing one set religion to follow no one should be forced into agreeing with one thing and that's what religion and government has become.

  • Totally disagree with it.

    The mixture of religion and politics has never brought about good results throughout the history of mankind. Everyone should have the right to practice their own religion, but Separation of church and state is necessary to keep piece and respect among believers and nonbelievers. Keep religion away from voting booths.

  • Religion is not for everyone

    Religion should not be forced on people. Just because one person believes in something doesn't mean others do. The government needs to do what is best for the people not just a select group. America is suppose to be the land of the free. The freedom to think for ourselves, marry who we love, and educate ourselves as we please. What is one thing that religions hate? Science. But how could we move forward and help Better our people without science? Religion blinds the people who should be running the country. It brings hate.

  • Religion would ruin politics

    If the law was made up by religion, so Christianity we would still have slaves, no one would be allowed to wear mixed fabrics, woman wouldn't be allowed to be in a position of leadership, interracial couples and dating would be forbidden, seriously mixing these 2 is just a terrible idea, the law is supposed to be based on logic and good reasons as why to allow or not allow something ''the invisible man in the sky says so'' is NOT valid argument

  • Religion should not be mixed with politics

    Although almost everyone has a religion, everyone's beliefs are different. If religion is incorporated into the government, it could be disrespectful towards other people's beliefs. If laws would be based on one religion, the government would not be helping both the minority and majority, because that one religion is not everybody's religion.

  • It is conflicting

    Most of the time when religion mixes with politics it leads to a conflict. This conflict usually gets ugly, I've seen many examples of it in my own country where riots keep taking place. And if religion is REALLY needed then the MORALS of all the religions should be kept in mind.

  • We shouldn't mix politics and goverment.

    If people do mix poltics, It would be more uncomfortable for the religious people right? It would because they can't realy belive freely and also the laws might change and the laws of the religion might also chnage too. Reliogion culture is for people to actually be part of a group and some people might dislike they are also part of the politics and goverment.

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