• Yes, religion and politics go hand in hand

    Religion is also the guideline that people use to know how to treat their fellow man. Politics has a lot to do with how people are treated. Seeing that people are cared for and able to live in the best condition is not something that should be reserved to religion. Politicians should consider these principles when running for office--and especially while in office.

  • IT'S ONE!

    When we live our daily life according to our religions then why would we separate it when it comes to politics? We all must agree that politics is also a part of life and when the rest of the things in your life are based upon your religious teachings then why not politics? Every religion teaches honesty, sincerity and good against evil, if politics will not have religion it means it wont have these teachings which will eventually end up in a corrupt environment for the society and the country.

  • They Have To

    Religion is where the values come from...and values are where the laws come from...and laws run a society. The question is: whose religion? Now it gets tricky. If we're honest in the USA - we have Judeo-Christian values; we just purport to not discriminate against people practicing other religions while they're here. But the laws are based on J-C values.

  • You Can't Really Keep Them Apart

    Yes, religion and politics should mix. People make the mistake of trying to keep them totally apart but it isn’t right. Religion is a part of most people’s lives – it’s a part of who they are - a part of the total person. Religion and politics cross over into each other every day as they should. We need to stop making such a big deal out of it and accept it. There is absolutely no way to 100% separate them – it just is not possible.

  • Morals and value can be based from lesson taught in church

    I believe that the church and the the government can and should be allowed to work simply due the facts that the church has set laws or the ten commandments as well, our government has a set of laws that make of the backbone of this nation. So the very thing our country was built on is a direct correlation to the bible’s 10 commandments, which is what the new testament is built on and applied to modern Christians now. So just like the bible the United states has laws and regulation with appropriate punishments for those said actions. Another good reason for church and politics to go hand in hand is possible morals of a politicians or that they believe that their actions can be held accountable by a higher power, which if broken there would be appropriate punishment whether other knew or not. Another thing that the bible mentions a lot is how to treat other people the right way and a big part of politics is how to treat people the correct and respectful way.

  • A religous world

    I believe that religion should influenced politics. Quite simply, a majority of the worlds population have Relgious affilifiations such that it only makes sense to account for their Relgious beliefs and practises. Apparently I need more words... A a a a a a a a a a a a a.

  • 응 아니야 ㅋㅋ

    응 아니야 응 아니야 응 아니야 응 아니야 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 응 아니야...^^

  • Religion and politics are two indispensable part of our lives and very interdependent upon each other

    A religious person is also a spiritual person and a spiritual person is a person with high morale. If a politician or rather a leader is lacking in these the how do you expect the country to be governed with justice. Therefore religion and politics are inter dependent and indispensable

  • Yes yes yes

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  • No, religion is a different thing and politics is different

    Religion is a belief of what you think about the creation this world, humanity and universe. And what is your belief in spiritual beings. It deals with a man personal life but politics form government and laws of the country or a state that have influence on all the beings that are living in that particular state or a country. Mixing religion with politics results in extremism, sectarianism and political unrest. A state can not run properly and what to talk of progress. As I am a MUSLIM and I believe in ISLAM but in ISLAM the orders are given to the individual being not to the state. The individual have to follow the orders not the state. Yes there is a religion of the state based on the majority of its population but though there also live minorities and they have equal rights and also have seats in the political institutions.

  • Not at All.

    Religion is wishful thinking for people who are unable to find their own reason for living. This type of thinking does not belong in our government. It pains me to see candidates who solely run on religious "morals" or "values" instead of issues that actually affect the population. I am happy to see that the majority of people are of this opinion, and urge the 23% who are on the other side to reconsider.

  • They just don’t mix

    If religion was used to make laws then all the religions should be used to make the laws. Not just one. For example, a Christianity based country won’t allow interracial marriages, everyone would have to be fully clothed as it says on the bible. However people still don’t listen to the bible and simple things like clothing goes ignored. So if religion was involved in politics the. The world would be a lots stricter than it is now. The laws now are based on logic and what would be right for the people who live int he country. Now there are laws that are legal and right like same sex marriages, people are allowed to be part of the LGBTQ+ community without being in fear.

  • Politics corrupts Religion

    Just by looking at these two definitions from the Oxford dictionary, we can see that there could be no convergence zone for the two in anyway.
    Regardless of whether or not a religion is true or the deity, which it claims is in power, does in fact exist religion should not be manipulated by dirty politicians looking to gain more power through lies and deception. Take the story of The Handmaid’s Tale for example, the leaders of Gilead take Christianity and the bible and twist every thing in it to manipulate and brainwash the people. Although this is a somewhat extreme example of what can happen when religion gets used for political purposes it can serve as a reminder of what CAN and MIGHT happen.

  • NO they should not mix

    Making laws on religious beliefs of some is asinine. What I have seen is that most laws made do not protect the religious persons rights but suppresses others rights because "God says so"

    In extremes like the administration we are under now, those dogmatic politicians have so much power as the majority rule . What is scary is how they are planning to make laws to favor their religious views.

    The very party that claims the bogus populous of "Christianity" are in fact the very opposite of any of Christ's teachings. In all honesty, Jesus was closest to a socialist than he was a capitalist and CERTAINLY not in favor of an oligarchy. He hung out with the poor. He healed them with no preexistent judgments about who they were. He fed them equally. He threw over tables in the temple because of their greed. The republicans and their far right cousins of conservatism have all but waged war on the poor and middle class. These rich and greedy people do not care for people. They have it pretty easy, just throw in some religious wording and say you're a Christian and you're good to go. They do not represent Christians. In all extremes, a good example of making laws in the name of religion would be the middle east with sharia law. Sharia law is not based on the Quran. It is, however, a bunch of men getting together saying "because God says so" and then made laws hiding behind the Quran. Religion should be a personal conviction and should be left as so. If you cannot differentiate between your personal beliefs and representing a group of diverse individuals then you should step down and allow someone who can. After all, it isn't about you.

  • In practical measures, we saw the results

    We live in a country called Iran, it's cruel in every aspect of our life ONLY because of religious politics. If you try to express your feelings, you will be executed! If you make small critics about religion and the antithesis in religious stories, the will kill you rapidly will no judgment. The economy is falling every day(see the statistics). People's livelihood is crashed down. Currency becomes the cheapest. And more importantly, if they reach atomic bomb, there will be no freedom in the world! THESE ARE THE PRACTICAL MEASURES of ''RELIGIOUS POLITICS'' THAT EVERY TRUE IRANIAN KNOWS...

  • It will only cause dispute.

    The diversity of faiths in the contemporary world means there are varied beliefs and values, attempting to mix them with politics will only lead to conflict. Plus the number of people who claim affiliation with no religion is rising and therefore, to some extent, religion is losing its political relevance.

  • Learn from history

    Since when was mixing religion and government ever a good idea? We should have learned from: the Crusades, the Salem Witch Trials, the present-day Jihad? Radical Islamic terrorists bombing people? The Taliban? Government is not supposed to be based on outdated religious laws for thousands of years ago. If you mix religion and government there will be somebody that will attempt to use the religion to get the power they need, or hurt others. You shouldn't be able to claim to do something "because god told me to" or "God made me do it". It's just simple. Learn from your historical mistakes, humans.

  • Religion can influence law, however, they should be separate entities.

    Religion feeds a peoples' values, which in turn creates the basis for law. But a diverse network of religion is needed in order to encourage differing perspectives, so that our law is an amalgamation of, what society deems, the best ideals. Without the separation between religion and politics, everyone has to follow the same religion, eliminating religious freedom. Without religious freedom, people are stopped from being able to think for themselves about these issues. One only needs to look at our recent history for an example of the conflict this can create.

  • Not everyone is religious the government should agree with everyone

    When you see government and religion in America it always deals with Christianity while many people in America aren't Christian or follow a religion at all how is that fare to them or anyone how is that equal everyone should be equal with religion in government mixed that is simply not possible. Mixing religion and government causes people to have one set way of doing thing one set religion to follow no one should be forced into agreeing with one thing and that's what religion and government has become.

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