• Jesus is god, the Holy Spirit, and the devil

    Without the devil in my life, I would never have found Jesus. That's why I pray and thank the devil for murdering my entire family with a rusty spoon when I was an infant. It really gave me a perspective on life. That is why abortion is illegal and will stay illegal for always and never.

  • How can religion dictate law

    When there are so many religions with differing beliefs, how do you please all the people? Some religious teachings seem outdated and backwards in todays society, therefore do we pick and choose which teachings to abide by? Laws should be set for the common good, whether human or animal, whether a follower or non follower of religion - multicultural society can only work if all sides respect one another and don't expect law to pander to individuals religious beliefs.

  • No matter how good an ethical system is, it cannot be forced

    Now you maybe saying that freedom is a moral system. And yes it is, but our ethical system is not about imposing ethics, but ethics centered around servitude to the people. If we think about it, ethics are based on avoiding what is harmful, so we should expect a government that is going to protect us from severe harm.

    Now religion is not grounds for political law, because their ethical concern is teaching the individuals virtue. Yes, most religious systems have good morals. But no matter what, when we try to impose virtue, there is always going to be oppression. Thats where the Liberals tend to fail politically. Yes, tolerance, compassion and helping people are great things. However in practice, its just coercion, and turns abusive. Like Sexual harassment laws, while intentionally meant to protect people from being abused sexually do more harm than good. Considering how whiners throw lawsuits or jerks abuse the system.

    Then there is the consideration over who would want political power. Its usually the fundamentalists. And Fundamentalism is not a good moral system. The whole system is nothing more than a moral system where the dictator determines right and wrong, and punishes wrong severely.

  • No, we do not need religion to have laws.

    Laws are generated out of rights, the right to life, property and all. We do not need God or religion to supply a justification to any of our laws, they can all be upheld on the basis of what is required for a well-run and just society. One of the fundamental rights we have granted by the Constitution is freedom of religion which also implies freedom from religion. If our laws were to be dictated by religion, whose religion would that be?

  • No, they definitely should not dictate laws.

    Religious beliefs should never be used to dictate or justify laws. There is a reason why the separation of church and state was such an important ideal for the founding fathers and for many prominent figures in our country's history. Not everyone will share the same religious beliefs so it would be wrong and harmful impose one's religion onto everyone through the law.

  • We have separation of church and state.

    The reason that the founding fathers came to the new land was to get away from religious persecution and to have a better life. Religion was practiced but was more private within families or communities. Not everyone has the same beliefs and no one's beliefs should be pushed on anyone else. There is a reason for separation of church and state!

  • No, religious beliefs should not dictate laws

    No, I do not believe that religious beliefs should dictate laws. While I do hold religious beliefs that I believe are important, many others do not believe the same thing as I do. This would then be unfair for me to try and enforce my beliefs on them when they are simply that, my beliefs.

    I also believe that it is not the job of a Christian (my belief system) to dictate the actions of others by law. My job is to be a loving representative of the Lord and to encourage others to follow the Lord. It is gods job to judge that person for religious purposes.

    Laws should instead exist based in social contract theory or non-religious based natural law theory.

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Lesnar664 says2013-03-07T05:52:03.597
It plainly says in the constitution separation of church and state. If it said the bible is the highest law then I'd respect that but it doesn't