Should religious clothing such as turbans be banned for people in the police force?

  • Yes, If you choose to be a police officer than you choose to live by their rules and regulations while on duty

    The police uniform is a symbol of police, protection etc. Changing one piece of it would lead to an eventual request to change more aspects of it based on a cultural desire or need - if ur cultural need and desire is so strong to want the police force etc to change their uniform to suit your position than you should really consider not being an officer. It is a change that would lead to more change and it would not be a good change, there is no reason for it - we need to stay with a common, recognizable attire everyone can notice; and having officers in nontraditional, cultural attire does not help in achieving this goal.

  • Religious clothing should not be banned for police officers

    As long as they do not endanger the officer or prevent him or her from doing his or her job, religious clothing should not be prohibited. Although police officers have a dress code for a variety of reasons, some exceptions can be made for religious attire as long as the rest of the dress code is followed.

  • No, Religious clothing such as turbans should not be banned for people in the police force.

    I am of the opinion that if we have not banned the practice in the past we should not be suddenly adopting the practice now because of fear of fear itself. The attire of police officers as long as it meets standard safety and dress code should not be manipulated because of a persons religious beliefs. Turbans are worn in many countries around the globe and they have never appeared to be a safety hazard before the conservative religious right climbed up on their soap box.

  • Think of it this way

    If someone wants to come to my Country, and assist in any way they can to protect me and my Family by joining the Police Force, then I not only admire them for that, but also thank them.

    We should consider re-modeling many of our traditions for this very reason. Just because something has been tradition doesnt mean it can be modified to incorporate new ideas and traditions.

  • That's discrimination against people

    If they're a well trained, kind and smart police officer who will make a place safer than who cares what he wears. That's not important and does not impact the way he performs his job. We Shouldn't care about what a police officer wears. We should care about his ability to keep a place safe.

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