• It definitely should be

    Taking away religion is like taking away a big piece of a person's life. Stupid people like ISIS terrorize people just because they won't convert to being Muslims. This is a problem because many people don’t want to change religions, because they feel strongly about their own. Because of this, they are murdered.

  • Of course it is!

    America is a Christian nation. Almost everyone here is a Christian. If we take away religious freedom over 3/4 of our people will loose their freedom! This is serious! That is almost 250 million people loosing their freedom! Everyone should be able to believe what ever they want, that's why we have America!

  • Yes it should.

    People have a right to their own thoughts and beliefs including religion. The second that is taken away you are taking away a part of what makes someone human, that is their right by birth and should not be touched. If someone wants to believe in some crazy religion that maybe no one has ever heard of then they should be entitled to that right.

  • Yes, religious freedom definitely should be a human right

    Religion is something that should never be forcefully imposed on any person for any reason. Every person deserves to have the free will to choose to believe, or not believe, anything that they want. Especially since beliefs are not really something you can successfully force upon someone anyways. You can make someone say that they believe something, but you can never make them truly believe it.

  • Yes, all religious freedom is a human right

    I believe that all people should have the right to worship in any way they choose. This does not mean that any one religion should gain power over others, and religion should not in any way factor in to the government. Also, this should protect people's right to NOT have religion as well. Forcing people to follow a particular religion or worship in a certain way, or imposing those values on the government or its officials is wrong. Separation of church and state is vital to allowing religious freedom.

  • Religion should be an option

    Religion should be an option. Everyone should be entitled to their own beliefs, thus it should be a human right. Freedom is what every country in this world should strive for and religious freedom is a great step towards that direction, so yes, religious freedom should be a human right for all.

  • Yes Absolutely

    Faith is what makes life meaningful and worth living for a lot of people. They often don't have any choice over what they believe either. When you truly believe something, it's not really a choice anymore. Therefore people should be allowed to believe and practice whatever religion they want so long as it does not directly harm others.

  • Should religious freedom be a human right?

    Anne Marie Schmidt in a talk recorded on "Lighthouse CD's said:
    "As little children there was only love, there was no hatred in my village. There were no police, no jail. I didn't even know what divorce was.
    The Church was the center of our village, our lives and our being. Our village had been like this since the eleventh century.'
    Lighthouse CD "To hell and back".

  • Should religious freedom be a human right?

    Anne Marie Schmidt in a talk recorded on "Lighthouse CD's said:
    "As little children there was only love, there was no hatred in my village. There were no police, no jail. I didn't even know what divorce was.
    The Church was the center of our village, our lives and our being. Our village had been like this since the eleventh century.'
    Lighthouse CD "To hell and back".

  • A world without freedom of religion would be terrible.

    Imagine a world without freedom of religion. Everyone would have to believe 'x', 'y', and 'z.' It sounds like something out of a dystopian novel to remove the freedom of religion. Does this only apply to religious people? No! Even for atheists, this right is vital. Without freedom of religion, they could be forced to believe in something against their wills! Without the freedom of religion, the world would be a terrible place. Sure, there will be disagreements, name calling, logical debates, quarrels, and the like over religion or non-religion. But it's undoubtedly worth it for freedom.

  • For the Afterlife.

    Some people don't believe in god, Some do.
    But in case "Hell" exists we should allow people to deceive god and have punishment from not know about there doing.
    If you don't believe in god you will go to hell and be tortured for eternity. And it will never ever stop.
    Now if you put your faith in god you entire life will change in a good way.

  • Is religious freedom fair on all?

    I personally agree with religious freedom as it is a human's right to choose their religion and therefore a key part of humanity and the justice system, but a good point is that by allowing everybody to choose their own religion then you are prohibiting Christians and other evangelical religions from converting others and completing God's will. "Go preach the gospel to all creation." If Christians can't evangelize, then you are denying them of completing a key part of their religion and therefore, subjecting their religion to give everyone else the right to religious freedom. Some might say that this is unfair.

  • No, religion massively holds us back as a society and should not be tolerated.

    Have a look at ISIS, that is what you get when people are allowed to believe whatever they want. You have innocent people being tortured and killed in the name of a fictional character. And before anyone says that they are hijacking Islam, go and do your research. Islam at its core is a disgusting, backwards, sexist, homophobic and outright evil religion that has to go. Look at the Jehovah's Witnesses, they refuse their children blood transfusions even if it is life or death. They do this (once again) in the name of another fictional character. Another backwards religion that's all about control. Look at the Evangelicals protest against the fact of evolution being taught in schools in the USA because an ancient bedtime story tells them that Adam and Eve lived in a garden in the sky and then a talking snake came to them and blah, blah, blah. Religion is regressive and backwards and I would love nothing more then to see it die out in my lifetime.

  • Fake stories; disaster for all humanity

    Every child; from they born are thought about angels, devils, traditions, etc. They have never chance to study scientific theories about life. In fact; if they have had ever studied the religious book as well; they would easily see the incompatibility in religion.

    Religion books contains too much violence and perversion. A good human being can not practice those. Sacrifice you son for god? Marrying with children? Many more.. A good human being should declare war if any entity requests such perversions.

    Being good is different; believing and practising a bullshit is a different.

    All the atheists should work harder to remove religion. It makes world a worse place.

    Religion freedom is stupid thing; it prevents people to be enlighten.

  • No, not really.

    As I see it all of the wars humanity has fought since the fall of the roman empire have been caused at least in some part by religion. It allows despots to rise into power, and it subjugates people. To me it is a completely transparent mechanism of control, and should be abolished. And while it's true that people have a right to believe whatever they want I do not believe that they have a right to impose those beliefs on other people, and as has been proven this is a radical concept to the christian community, and they basically want to live in a theocracy, at all levels. The christians are the ones who insisted we have a prayer before each daily session of congress take place. In my mind when freedom religion is allowed it will spread like a virus and permeate every level of government until the two are indistinguishable from each other. It is barbaric and frankly has no place in a civilized modern society. The comments in the affirmative prove me right.

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