• Christmas is worldwide

    It's celebrated globally, although not all nations declare it nationally. Some consider it a secular holiday. It's a good time to take a break and spend time with family. It's also a huge event commercially. And including Christianity in Christmas isn't wrong either. That's where our nation originates from. The first amendment was to insure the government didn't control the church and the church didn't control the government and become a monarchy. The first amendment is used to protect our rights and freedoms. Celebrating Christmas nationally doesn't trample on anyone else's freedoms. And the government is in no way allowed to prohibit the exercise of religious freedom. The individual has the final say as to whether or not they personally will celebrate it. The other people's decisions though are left entirely up to themselves.

  • Absolutely not,and there should be no national holidays, people should treat every day with equal importance.

    God does not want to be associated with nations that conduct war, drops nuclear bombs or any bombs out of planes to kill people and execute peopleGod does not want to be associated with any flag or nation that separates it self from other nations, Religion and Patriotic nationalism do not mix and when they do it is just exactly what he bible says not to do.

  • Too many holidays already as it is

    Holidays are today little more than an excuse to most people. An excuse to not work, and excuse to spend money they don't have, an excuse to drink themselves stupid for no reason and so on. And as it is already, we have way too many holidays as it is without adding more. And even though people spend more money on these days, overall, having so many people not working is more detrimental to the economy than whatever benefits that extra money spent can provide. In a dying economy ruled over by a corrupt socialist government that is almost 21 trillion dollars in debt, we as a society cannot afford any more excuses to not work. This is partly why layoffs happen and companies relocate elsewhere - because the typical American worker has become lazy and unreliable and is too expensive to the employer for the quality and productivity that the employer receives from that employee. Constant holidays do not help this, only compound the problem further. We need to not only stop creating new holidays, but abolish some of the ones we already have as well. Furthermore, in the case of religious holidays, wtf? Separation of church and state? Anybody remember that one? But seriously, when most people are taking off from work because of a religious holiday that they are not going to actually celebrate anyway, just to use it as an excuse to not work or to be drunken and glutinous, how is that not an exploitation? It serves only to cheapen that holiday and to damage the sanctity of it.

  • Not forcibly, no

    If we are to stand by the claim of freedom of religion then people shouldn't be forced to acknowledge religious holidays. If they'd like to, more power to them, but we really need to let people decide for themselves what it is they do and do not want to acknowledge regarding religion.

  • Not practiced by everyone.

    It would be unfair for everyone if religious holidays are made into national holidays because not everyone shares the same religion. Although the United States was founded on Christian principles and beliefs, it was also founded to keep religion and state separate. This way, no one can take offense to one religion being dominant over another. This country was founded so that everyone could have religious freedom and not be persecuted for having a different belief and that is how it should remain.

  • No. Religious holidays shouldn't be national holidays.

    No, I don't believe religious holidays should be national holidays. The United States recognizes major Christian holidays, but is silent on so many others. This isn't fair to other religions and it seems that Christianity is recognized because the majority of the population follows it, but this really isn't fair to other people.

  • They should not be.

    I fail to see any kind of a good reason as to why we should have religious days become national holidays. We as a nation were supposed to keep church and state separate, and by combining religious days off with national ones, we are going back on that promise in America.

  • Religious Holidays Should Not Be Added as National Holidays

    We always hear the fervent cry for the separation of church and state, both from those political types, as well as from clergy, (each in their own way focused on their own individual selfish priorities), this is an area where it should be even more so held to doctrine. If it is a state recognized religious holiday, then of course it will make the standard calendar as a nationally recognized holiday, but if the holiday is specifically denoted for religious purposes only, then no, it should not make the list of nationally recognized holidays. Whether or not employees are detrimentally affected by their particular religious practice not being accepted as a national holiday, is a subject for a totally separate debate, but to add religious holidays to an already holiday polluted calendar would not be a wise decision. At the rate we are going the last few years, “everyday” will be somebody’s holiday!

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