Should religious imagery be banned from government property?

  • I agree that religious imagery should be banned from government property because the Bible condemns being involved in politics.

    Prayer is not allowed in schools, nor is the teaching of Creation as a possibility. Therefore it is hypocritical to display religious icons on other institutions of the government. On the religious side of it, Jesus warned Christians about becoming involved in worldly affairs. He taught his disciples to look to God's Kingdom as the only solution for mankind--not worldly governments.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • The separation of church and state is very clear in the Constitution and should be RESPECTED.

    If we do not separate the church and state, we would most likely end up with a state similar to the one in Iran or Taliban-era Afghanistan. Neither government respects its citizens, but instead, they demand that the citizens respect a particular religion. A government exists to support and respect the citizens it represents, and this does not happen in an Oligarchy. The framers of the Constitution understood this and thus, created a system of government where religion was respected but made it so that no one religion could take power.

    Posted by: FarrAnnie
  • Religion should not be involved in Government

    Religion is fine to exist in it's own property. However, they should pay taxes on any income they receive. No religious principals should be allowed in the building of countries and or political laws. Our laws should just involve logically created principals that would be fair to all people. One religion should not be allowed to tell other people that birth control is illegal. It is ridiculous for fantasy believers to tell anyone how to live their lives! Just live your lives in a way that would allow everyone to act correctly even though your religion does not like what they might do... Don't kill, fight, rob, cheat, be aggressive for improper reasons or any other act against good people for bad reasons. You don't need a religion to be a good person! We should not allow ANY religious imagery in public property unless you would allow Satanic, Muslim, Atheistic, and Agnostic imagery as well! Just be good people without rules from silly books involved!

  • Yes, because there should be a true separation of church and state.

    Since there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, having religious imagery in government places is not adhering to that. Unless all religions are being properly represented in the imagery, then it is entirely inappropriate. Such imagery can lead to problems with individuals that feel offended about not being represented.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • Yes, country secular nation not a Christian nation

    The separation of church an state exists to allow people to worship freely and to keep the government from favoring one religion or denomination over another. Letting certain religious symbols on public property but not other is government favoring one religion over another. Thus to make it fair you either have to ban all religious symbols or displays from public property or allow anyone who wants to establish a religious symbol regardless of whether the symbol offends others. An all comers policy can cause conflict as has been the case when atheist signs or wiccan yule wreaths are vandalized by people who are intolerant of beliefs that are not like theirs. Thus it is easier to just prohibit all religious symbols than to deal with all the conflict and over saturation of religious symbols.

  • Religious imagery should not be allowed on government property.

    Allowing religious symbols of any kind on government property is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. Furthermore, imagery associated with any one religion featured at a government site suggests a bias toward that religion in a country that was founded on the principle of freedom of religion.

    Posted by: C35Flames
  • I think that religious symbols or imagery should be banned from government property; the duty of the government is towards its citizens regardless of their religion and government resources should also reflect that.

    The government is supposed to be neutral and open minded; it cannot show any kind of favoritism towards any group of people or any religion. But, having any religious imagery on any property would violate this. Therefore, in order to maintain a totally neutral and fair image, government properties should be purged of religious touches. But the case of religious properties is different, and they should be left alone.

    Posted by: SocialGalv
  • Religious imagery on government property implies endorsement and should therefore, be banned.

    If we acknowledge the requirement as stated in the First Amendment, we must understand that no Government agency is permitted to encourage "establishment of religion" using Government resources. This would mean that religious imagery would imply endorsement. Because it would be impossible to acknowledge every religion's imagery on any government display without necessarily favoring one over another through design, it is impossible to display imagery without implying endorsement, endorsement implying encouragement of the establishment of religion.

    Posted by: NoIanMu5ic
  • A government property should have imagery of the country it is serving, so religious imagery should be banned.

    There are many religions out there and many countries do not follow only one particular religion. If a government property were to have religious imagery, it should have images of all the religions as that would be only fair to the people it represents. So as not to offend anyone or any religion, if the imagery were only to represent its country, no one will be offended.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • I believe religious imagery should be banned from government property because church and state get hopelessly tangled when intermingled.

    Countries go to war over religious beliefs, and I believe it is just an excuse to fight. Religion should not tear people apart; it should bring people together. Unfortunately, it seems the former occurs when church and state mix.

    Posted by: Pyr0Edet
  • Ambiguity is the issue

    Who defines religion? Too many people isolate 'religious imagery' to just Christian symbols. There are, however, dozens more religions that have images displayed on our government buildings. To remove all of these we will need to demolish the historic structures and rebuild them as bland boxes with no images at all. Why? Because some religions worship animals and others gargoyles. Ignorance has driven this "separation" argument into a polarized christians vs. Atheists bout that fails to see that it is our culture that will lose in the end.

  • Matthew 10:33

    "But whoever shall deny me before men. him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." So you see the Bible will give a clear message on how we should live. Founder Fathers understood the message and we should do the same. Is s very sad that we go to other countries and we have to respect others but when they come here we think we are offending others bydisplaying our beliefs.

  • I think religious imagery could be considered a freedom of expression.

    Religious imagery ought to be allowed on government property. Although people talk about the separation of church and state, God is mentioned in our Pledge of Allegiance, on our money, and many other places. Religious imagery is another way of illustrating that God. People will complain if it is up, people will complain if it is removed, people will complain that it is even being debated. Leave it alone to concentrate on more important issues.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • There is nothing wrong with it!

    Nothing is wrong with any religious displays. For goodness sake, this is America, the land of the free. If people have a problem with any displays for Christmas, Easter, Ect., they should keep it to themselves! What if we said, "We think Halloween should be illegal and nobody can be allowed to put up decorations for it because it is demonic."? Then what? People would get angry. Think about your actions.

  • We are not in Christ to fight. Especially over such small things.

    Does it matter what we think? I personally think sure, it should be allowed. Here is the only problem: IT DOESN'T MATTER! The government isn't likely to change its mind all of a sudden. So we shouldn't squabble. We are not supposed to fight. If you are really a Christian, it shouldn't matter that it is or isn't allowed. People always display the wrong things anyways. But if I find something offensive, I just ignore it, not pick a fight to make me feel better.

  • We are not Christ's protectors. Why are we fighting?

    Does it matter what we think? I personally think sure, it should be allowed. Here is the only problem: IT DOESN'T MATTER! The government isn't likely to change its mind all of a sudden. So we shouldn't squabble. We are not supposed to fight. If you are really a Christian, it shouldn't matter that it is or isn't allowed. People always display the wrong things anyways.

  • We are not in Christ to fight.

    Why should we argue about this? The government already has taken its own action, and it's not likely to change its mind. I personally think it should be allowed, but does it really matter? No, it doesn't. And it's not worth arguing and fighting about if you are really a devoted religious Christian. Even if not, fighting isn't the answer.

  • It should not be Banned!

    I just think it should not be banned! Because its our right of freedom to put up what we want were we want! Also this country was formed to be a CHRISTIAN country why do we depart form that? Anyway just saying its freedom I really don't care what you put up on a government building!

  • Our freedoms are because America was founded on Christian principles.

    Christian forms of art should not be banned from government property. If our FOUNDATION was laid on Christian principles, we should feel free to show that. If others are "offended" by it, that's their fault. "For not even the Father judges anyone, but He has given all judgment to the Son, 23 so that all will honor the Son even as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him."

  • Religious displays doesn't violate anybody rights

    Religious displays don't force anything on anyone;they're not forced to worship with that religion or to that god. But banning religious displays is also un-patriotic. Our founding fathers spoke of God many times, and this country was founded on religious beliefs. Why ignore that?
    Even if they are not Christian displays, all displays of every religion should be allowed if wanted. Give people freedom to celebrate their religion, Christian, Muslim, whatever it is. If it offends people, those people aren't violated!
    America is a country for freedom of religion-not freedom FROM religion. Because that is ridiculous. Here in America people are not forced into a religion so stupid organizations like FFRF(freedom from religion foundation) are unnecessary and over dramatic.
    Let's just follow the founding fathers

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