• I think that religious people should be vegetarians.

    I think that religious people should be vegetarians. Many Hindus are vegetarians, and I think that
    it makes them more spiritual. I believe
    that people take on the spirit of whatever food they eat. Vegetarians are more righteous and peaceful
    than meat eaters. The Bible says thou
    shalt not kill and that should apply to animals too.

  • 'do not kill' 'do onto others as you do onto yourself'

    There is a strong correlation between religious doctrines and the philosophy that life should be cherished. It is a beautiful gift from God that shouldn't end up in someone's lunch box as a snack. Living peacefully and causing the least harm is a message promoted throughout the religious books, and if that means adopting a plant diet, religious people should be vegetarians. Not to mention the powerful evidence that Jesus was a vegetarian Himself.

  • Sure why not..

    It is not not Biblical to be a vegetarian because it doesn't say it in the bible that it is right or wrong. If a person finds it wrong to be a vegetarian than that is merely they're conviction, but if a person finds it alright then that is they're conviction as well.. Unless someone can show me I'm wrong with Scripture that is is wrong, then will consider changing my views on this..

  • Religious people obey their God not your opinion!

    First why not eat meat and eat the rest of other livings like plants and other bacteria? Is it because animals have eyes and plants don't?

    Religious came to limit the consumption of animals anyways, and treat animals nicely , we don't eat them because we can , but because we are allowed.

  • No, just.. no.

    This is no absolute correlation between religion and dietary restrictions. As there is no 'one religion' (despite what many of them may think) there is no reason for blanket vegetarianism. All dietary restrictions in religions came from regional or societal origins (lobster being a sea cockroach - societal, lowers caste not being allowed to eat the very limited supply of red meat - regional).

  • They should be whatever they want to be

    No, I would have to disagree that all religious people should become vegetarians. A person should be a vegetarian if that is what he or she wants. I do believe that taking proper care of the body can be part of a religious belief, but all religions vary and people should do whatever they think is right.

  • No but i like cheese

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  • Noo nooo nooo

    Why can vegetarians eat different organisms like plants and bacteria, when they cannot eat other animals and use them for other benefits. Also, the bible does not say that it is wrong to kill animals, it says it is absolutely fine. Jesus says, 'are not five sparrows sold for a penny', this means he doesn't mind that the sparrows are being killed, as all of them are going to be used for the benefits of humans, and they will not be forgotten by god.

  • Religious People Don't Have to be Vegetarians

    I do not believe that religious people have to be vegetarians. In many mainstream religions, the religion teaches that humans have domain over the land and its inhabitants otherwise known as other animals. As such, according to many religious beliefs it is the human that decides if an animal is to be eaten or not. This is why I think that religious people don't have to be vegetarians.

  • Religious people should not be vegetarians.

    Religious people should not be vegetarians. I think that depends on the religion that you are following but I think it should be your personal decision whether you want to be a vegetarian or not. I do not think any church should be able to dictate what your diet needs should be.

  • No, eating meat is Christian.

    No, religious people should not be vegetarians, because most religions condone eating meat. The Bible is quite clear in First Corinthians that a Christian can eat of any meat at the meat market. That means Christians can eat whatever meat they want. God made His creatures delicious. He has no problem with us eating them.

  • Only If They Chose To Be

    I am not aware of any religions mandating that followers should be vegetarians. I find it odd to assume that just because someone is religious that they should also be vegetarian. I am sure there are millions of people on this planet who follow various religions that aren't vegetarians and they'll probably never even consider it.

  • Religion Does Not Determine Vegetarianism

    Religion should only determine your state of vegetarianism if the doctrines of that religion specifically approve or disallow eating meat. Each religion is different, although the Abrahamic religions do not discourage eating animals other than possibly a select few. This indicates that while it is fine to be vegetarian for other reasons, most religions to not dictate this decision.

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