• Stop The Obamacare Assault

    I do believe that Republicans should stop the assault on the Obamacare health care plan. The fact of the matter is that it is already in the books and being used by millions and millions of citizens. It's time to stop the assault and start figuring out what about the plan works and what still needs fine-tuning.

  • Healthcare for all

    Although there are some valid arguments that can come up in opposition to Obamacare, the truth is this plan makes health care more accessible those who could previously not afford it. Republicans should stop their assault on Obamacare because it improves the entire well being of the country. Its ease of access and few restrictions allow it to be a really good option for people without insurance.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, I think that republicans should stop their assault on Obamacare because Obama is doing the best that he can for the country but sadly at the same time he is also getting them into a lot of hot water with Iran and the other Middle Eastern Countries. I think Obama is doing the best he can.

  • Any bright ideas?

    Obamacare has their plan in it. Mandating that I have buy private healthcare was a republican proposal in the 70's. If they are assaulting their own old plan, and not coming up with any other plan, then you are asking for a healthcare anarchy. We all know that there is something better than the ACA, but republicans will never support it.

  • No. Somebody needs to stop ACA.

    Healthcare is not a right. ACA should not exist nor should EMTALA. It is time that we each be responsible for the healthcare cost of ourselves and our family. Forcing people to buy healthcare is wrong. Let each person make their own decision. It is also wrong to force others to subsidize the healthcare cost of others.

  • No, Republicans should not stop their assault on Obamacare.

    Obamacare hasn't worked and those in Congress need to stand up against it and try to get it repealed. Although it is a nice idea to have universal health coverage, the fact is that the middle and upper classes end up paying so much more for their own health coverage in order to provide it for those that can't afford it.

  • The problems it's causing aren't minor

    I'm not a Republican, but when it comes to this subject there's a clear reason why Obamacare should be opposed. Not only does it put the country in more debt than it is, but it has already given people with other insurance problems. 10% of the population have Obamacare, that's a bit unfair to the other 90%. 10% are getting free health care, while the rest have to life with the consequences.

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