Should research on race and intelligence be prohibited?

  • Yes, this serves no purpose.

    We should not focus on research that serves no purpose. Researching the correlation between race and intelligence will do little more than support the racists view of supremacy. We need to learn to accept and respect the differences between races rather then constantly looking for differences that make certain races appear less competent. This is morally wrong and should be prohibited.

  • Don't Stifle Facts

    Research should not be prohibited that is about race and intelligence. Even though the results might not be politically correct, people should not put their heads in the sands and ignore the truth. We should find out as much as possible and then use the results to make a better society.

  • Let them be wrong.

    No, research on race and intelligence should not be prohibited, because people have a right to do what they want, even if it is wrong. Perhaps further research will prove that there is no credibility behind the research. But people should be allowed to advance poor ideas, even if they are against mainstream beliefs and values.

  • No, it shouldn't be prohibited.

    The fact of the matter is that there is a difference in intelligence, on average, among the different living races. For example, Chinese people have cup more of brain matter than black Africans, and an IQ 20 points higher on average. East Asians, on average, have an IQ 5 points higher than that of Caucasians.

  • No, research on the correlation between race and intelligence is important.

    No, research on the correlation between race and intelligence should not be prohibited. However, where that research is published should be monitored carefully. Extremist groups will want that information because they can use it to justify crimes against humanity. But the potential for abuse should never be a reason to prohibit scientific exploration.

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