• Absolutely, it's what should be done.

    Many people may contend that they shouldn't, saying that it won't help those who are suffering to give them things we are abundant in, but this is no reason not to help them. It simply isn't right for a country to waste good things that other countries are going without. By enabling poorer countries to stand on their own, they might help the helper in the end (sounds like a fairy tail I've heard before!).

  • I believe so

    I believe that they should give aid, though not through money and food, but through education. First world countries should be able to send people over to third world countries to give children a complete education, and to teach adults how to properly grow crops.

  • At least the money will go towards good!

    Absolutely, I think rich countries such financially assist poor countries. I figure, why not? This is a firm example of extra money going towards a good cause. I think a more wealthy country helping out another respected country that may not have the same financial resources is a very good thing.

  • Just a little bit

    Give them as help as they need to stand up. Otherwise, the nation relying on aids, will have no self respect. Rich nation work on give and take principle, that country getting aid will be under debt and unable to pay that because of less resources. County must rely on their own resources and try to built new resources. Educate the people about crises and how they can help their country because man power is every thing. After world war II, japans economy bent but they didn't ask for help and depend on their own resources and now they are world's fastest growing economy.

  • YES of course

    Because rich countries have what they need, but poor countries don't. It is important that the rich countries help the developing ones so that the gap between LEDCs, and MEDs would be smaller. Also, it is important that people in the developing countries to get food. Rich countries have food to eat, but poor counties don't. Benefit for just yourself is not important. Sharing is Caring.

  • I think so.

    I definitely think that our richer countries should help the poorer ones, but I think instead of giving the government all of the money , they should help and train people from those countries so the money doesnt just go in the government workers pockets. That's just my opinion. Thanks.


    I have lived in a rich AND poor country and to experience what its like in a poor country is terrible. We have no idea how lucky we are to live in a rich country. Poor people are suffering everyday and we are just living our lives not even making a difference in this world which is what we are supposed to do. Rich people, wake up and put others needs in front of your own for once

  • Countries should stand for each other.

    Affluent countries should give a hand and try to eradicate the poverty around the world in the impoverished countries. Poverty causes hunger, lack of education and malnutrition; these are the main reasons that many people are suffering these days. With the help of the affluent countries, criminals' and terrorists' numbers in poorer countries will wane.

  • The wealthy countries are polluting poor countries

    Yes, wealthy countries should help the poor countries because they are destroying their air and land through dumping toxic waste. Wealthy industries are making poor countries air, land and water toxic which makes these individuals have other health issues. Children are born with asthma and new viruses they incur with no vaccines to possibly to save lives. These industries also contribute to global warming from dumping in these poor areas.

  • Make a difference.

    Wealthy countries should help those that are in need. What if you were suffering, you would beg on your knees for help. Don't you guys want to maintain a relationship of dependency. We should all work together to support and love our neighbors. "Love your neighbors as you love yourself." We are the world, we are the ones to make a brighter place so lets start giving.

  • No, they should not

    Poor countries will rely on the rich ones and they won't be able to stop depending on them. When the rich countries stop helping the poor ones, their economy will go down once again. Also,the money usually doesn't go where the people need it. There might be corruption in the country and he money doesn't even reach the population.

  • No, they should not

    While it would seem helpful for richer countries to aid the poorer ones we need to consider a few key points first. One thing to consider is that poorer countries are usually poor for a reason. Either they have no resources, or they have a corrupt government system that only benefits those in power. Egypt was a great example of this. For years the US gave them around 2 billion dollars per year in foreign aid. 1.3 billion of this was spent on military funding for Egypt, while the rest predominately went to lining Hosni Mubarak's and other government officials wallets. So yes, maybe some poorer countries deserve foreign aid, but it would have to be with many conditions on how the money is spent and limited to those countries that have a democratic system in place.

  • Why help them?

    We are not in the same country, to be a little bit selfish, we don't want other countries to get stronger and beat us. We get to share things we have within our own country, If you are able to help other countries, then why don't you make your country better first?
    On the other hand, people from poor countries need to learn to do things, they need to earn money and buy food and things for themselves. It is not like we must help those poor people or we are bad people, they should learn to do stuff on their own, without any help from any one. Be thankful for whoever is helping you, it's not their job to help you, the only reason they are doing that is because they are kind!

  • Pizza is good but

    Because i like pie and pie is good that is why we should do stuff and if pie is good pineapple is good and so the poor pineapples eat alvicodos from mexico and the we will all eat good pie and most of all good pineapple happy birthday my dudes

  • Not everyone needs a hand to hold them through everything

    The more aid we give the less they will help themselves and they will constantly rely on us to keep on providing for them.We all live in the same world, and we know how to care for ourselves, why cant they? Is it really that difficult have responsibility for once sort out your lives and stop begging us and expecting us to do something about your mess, that you created in the first place!

  • Tigers, Cheetos, august, chocolate cake, smarties.

    I don't think we should give poor countries aid because it sometimes goes to the wrong people and it doesn't reach them. I don’t want to be totally against the idea of rich countries helping the poorer ones because sometimes they need the help e.g. Zimbabwe, Liberia and Niger etc. and sometimes the aid they give don’t reach the countries

  • Much of the "help" actually doesn't help :(

    I will just state some facts that I have found
    "A developed country faces various difficulties when choosing who to help. First, its choice could leave a lot of people unhappy, and damage its relationships with other countries. Second, allowing foreigners to have a significant influence on a nation could lead to negative consequences. Some donors do not have the best intentions. They could use their power for their own advantage. This could lead to corruption and financial loss in the less developed country. Third, Third, a developing nation may become dependent on foreign aid. And some donors might charge a hefty interest for their financial assistance. This could pose a bigger headache than not receiving aid at all.”
    "Aid works well only in countries that are reasonably well governed"

    Also, studies have shown that for every $1 that goes into helping developing nations, $24 go to the developed nations. Many companies and stuff like that have hidden the fact that their interest rates to help are high, and a lot of the money that is made in a developing nation, that is supposedly helping, actually goes back to the countries back home, such as the U.S. and the U.k.
    If foreign aid is given to governments, then the governments don't have to rely on taxes from the people of the country. When the government is relying on taxes, they are more likely to be just, since the people want to know where the money is going, and if it doesn't go to where they were told it was going, then they can refute the taxes and payments being made. If the goverments are getting foreign money, they don't necessarily have to tell the people that there is money, and therefore, don't have to tell them where it is going or keep those promises. They can use it to their own avail.

    If foreign aid actually worked, then yes, wealthy nations should help poor nations, but since it is not working, sending foreign aid only hurts the wealthy nations

  • Abcdefg hijklmnop qrstuvwxyz

    I believe that in helping the poor they will just end up being more dependent because you do not were the money is going to go they can use it for what they need or what they want and abuse the money that was given to them so without further to do I believe that they should not

  • These poor countries will become too dependent upon the wealthier countries.

    The countries they help will be just as worse off the moment that the richer countries cease to help them, this leads to dependency, we can't always help other people. Plus we have no obligation to help the others, we need to worry about ourselves and the MASSIVE DEBT OBAMA PLACED ON OUR COUNTRY :/

  • Rich countries have their own peoblems to solve

    Even the wealthiest countries in Europe or North america have their domestic peoblems, like homeless people, safety, and pollution to tackle. If they give financial aids to poorer ones their own problems would left intact, which may lead to other problems. So it is not their responsibility to help underdeveloped countries.

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