• I believe so

    I believe that they should give aid, though not through money and food, but through education. First world countries should be able to send people over to third world countries to give children a complete education, and to teach adults how to properly grow crops.

  • At least the money will go towards good!

    Absolutely, I think rich countries such financially assist poor countries. I figure, why not? This is a firm example of extra money going towards a good cause. I think a more wealthy country helping out another respected country that may not have the same financial resources is a very good thing.

  • Just a little bit

    Give them as help as they need to stand up. Otherwise, the nation relying on aids, will have no self respect. Rich nation work on give and take principle, that country getting aid will be under debt and unable to pay that because of less resources. County must rely on their own resources and try to built new resources. Educate the people about crises and how they can help their country because man power is every thing. After world war II, japans economy bent but they didn't ask for help and depend on their own resources and now they are world's fastest growing economy.

  • YES of course

    Because rich countries have what they need, but poor countries don't. It is important that the rich countries help the developing ones so that the gap between LEDCs, and MEDs would be smaller. Also, it is important that people in the developing countries to get food. Rich countries have food to eat, but poor counties don't. Benefit for just yourself is not important. Sharing is Caring.

  • I think so.

    I definitely think that our richer countries should help the poorer ones, but I think instead of giving the government all of the money , they should help and train people from those countries so the money doesnt just go in the government workers pockets. That's just my opinion. Thanks.


    I have lived in a rich AND poor country and to experience what its like in a poor country is terrible. We have no idea how lucky we are to live in a rich country. Poor people are suffering everyday and we are just living our lives not even making a difference in this world which is what we are supposed to do. Rich people, wake up and put others needs in front of your own for once

  • Countries should stand for each other.

    Affluent countries should give a hand and try to eradicate the poverty around the world in the impoverished countries. Poverty causes hunger, lack of education and malnutrition; these are the main reasons that many people are suffering these days. With the help of the affluent countries, criminals' and terrorists' numbers in poorer countries will wane.

  • The wealthy countries are polluting poor countries

    Yes, wealthy countries should help the poor countries because they are destroying their air and land through dumping toxic waste. Wealthy industries are making poor countries air, land and water toxic which makes these individuals have other health issues. Children are born with asthma and new viruses they incur with no vaccines to possibly to save lives. These industries also contribute to global warming from dumping in these poor areas.

  • Make a difference.

    Wealthy countries should help those that are in need. What if you were suffering, you would beg on your knees for help. Don't you guys want to maintain a relationship of dependency. We should all work together to support and love our neighbors. "Love your neighbors as you love yourself." We are the world, we are the ones to make a brighter place so lets start giving.

  • Absolutely, it's what should be done.

    Many people may contend that they shouldn't, saying that it won't help those who are suffering to give them things we are abundant in, but this is no reason not to help them. It simply isn't right for a country to waste good things that other countries are going without. By enabling poorer countries to stand on their own, they might help the helper in the end (sounds like a fairy tail I've heard before!).

  • No, they should not

    Poor countries will rely on the rich ones and they won't be able to stop depending on them. When the rich countries stop helping the poor ones, their economy will go down once again. Also,the money usually doesn't go where the people need it. There might be corruption in the country and he money doesn't even reach the population.

  • No, they should not

    While it would seem helpful for richer countries to aid the poorer ones we need to consider a few key points first. One thing to consider is that poorer countries are usually poor for a reason. Either they have no resources, or they have a corrupt government system that only benefits those in power. Egypt was a great example of this. For years the US gave them around 2 billion dollars per year in foreign aid. 1.3 billion of this was spent on military funding for Egypt, while the rest predominately went to lining Hosni Mubarak's and other government officials wallets. So yes, maybe some poorer countries deserve foreign aid, but it would have to be with many conditions on how the money is spent and limited to those countries that have a democratic system in place.

  • Is it Ethical?

    This might seem obvious, however we must understand the situation. Helping poorer nation through financial aid will result in their dependence on developed nations. This will prevent them from developing. Also, can the planet really handle more developed nations spewing out their waste at the rates of the US? Can the planet really handle further exploitation of resources? Understanding all of these factors should make us think twice about the issue.

  • A question of evolving economy or economic instrument

    For a region to exist, a purpose is required. Communities were established in certain areas to profit from specific purposes. These purposes might be strategic, economic, spiritual, etc. all reasons have an immediate necessity. Enabling a region artificially provides little benefit to inhabitants or its benefactors. With that stated, it is cheaper to stabilize a region with food and resources than it is to sustain war to protect an adjacent area a benefactor deems useful. Thusly, this debate is moot.

  • Suthar tanay r.

    If any rich country will help any poor country then the economy of rich country will also decreases and the poor country will also become dependent on rich country and one last thing is that if and rich country like america spent billoons of dollar to help any poor country but it dont used for help due to corrution of that country.Poor country have any usuall reason to being poor mostly there is is two reason 1)Either there is no resources in country or 2) country have courrupt goverment.

  • Why do they have to?

    A country's duty is to help the citizens, not to give money to other countries, and lose that amount of money needed for that country's facilities and stuff. Also, we can not assured that the money would be used good- it might only do damaged when used wrong. ^ ^

  • Why do they have to?

    A country's duty is to help the citizens, not to give money to other countries, and lose that amount of money needed for that country's facilities and stuff. Also, we can not assured that the money would be used good- it might only do damaged when used wrong. ^ ^

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  • People should not be allowed in a wealthy country

    People should not be allowed in the wealthy country becausee there will be a country in another war. This war may open up to world war 3. Also they will take over the whole country and no more space for people to move around. The prime minister is also responsible for their country's mess. So blame the president or pimento minister.

  • No!!! No!! No!

    No because even me a 10 years old child knows that if you will give money to someone he/she/it might use it for something else, like if you want him to buy you an ice cream he might just take the money so he would be polite and then say that he is sad on you because you think he doesn't have money and even can't buy you an ice cream, it's the same with countries, if you give like 20,000,000$ to a country the president might send the money to the military and start a war because he thinks that you think his country is poor.

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