• Yes, unless you wish to create a toxic society of us and them.

    I take it heavenlypanda posted this opinion and I assume from what he/she has written they are American. It irks me that so many Americans think they can belong to a society and not pay membership fees appropriate to their position. And as we see in the disparity of wealth in the US the results range from the lack of health benefits for the poorest, educational opportunities, a shorter lifespan and so forth.
    As a member of society certain obligations should be recognised. We are not all born with the privilege a keen mind bestows or a wealthy upbringing or talent. Some of us have none of the hand ups others have through no fault of anyone they are left to languish in poverty and misery. This is not about punishing the hard working rich with high taxes but asking them to be part of a community and be willing to give part of their wealth to help those in that community less fortunate. After all without that community as support the rich will fall the same as the poor.
    We as compassionate human beings should get our heads together to decide what a reasonable standard of living is for the poorest in our community's and by extension the world at large and we should work toward achieving that. Otherwise I see nothing but a dystopian future for the majority while the minority rich live in a bubble of denial.

  • Rich people should not have to be singled out just because they're rich.

    Rich people are rich because somewhere in their life they actually worked hard to get where they are now. They set good goals that they could reach and were dedicated to their work and now they get punished for that. Taxing rich people too much is really not fair.
    Imagine working in a law firm. As you work your way to the top you dream of being payed better. But when you finally get there the government comes and takes half your pay check and you're left wondering what just happened. You worked hard to get to where you were and now half your profit has been stolen from you. Is that really what you'd want?
    Giving to the poor is a good thing and taxes seem like a good way to do it. So why does it look like nobody benefits from it? Because most poor people barely benefit from it and it only cheats those who have worked hard all their lives.

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