• I strongly think rich people should pay larger taxes

    I do understand why people disagree with me, because it is true that they have earned that money with hard work. But the people that are getting millions and millions of dollars have much more to spare than a lot of us do. Especially the dope mess kdjdndkdn kdjdndkdn j

  • Of course. More money means more responsibility.

    If you make a million dollars a year, you should, inherently, pay higher taxes than someone who makes, say, $13,000 a year. Many people, such as billionaires, have too much money; nobody deserves a billion dollars, unless they've done something of extremely high importance, which none have done. Some Millionaires deserve their money, but should still be taxed higher, because they still need to have public responsibility like the rest of us.

  • With Greater Power Comes Greater Responsibility

    Rich people are responsible for more wealth and the livelihoods of more lives than people who don't have as much money. The owner or CEO of a company with 1,000 people gets paid a lot of money. If, say, that company tanks and those people are unemployed, who pays their unemployment insurance? The government does. Rich people should pay more taxes because when they misbehave, the little guy suffers and the government has to step in to help. With more taxes from the rich, they help pay for the messes rich people cause.

  • Why should they

    Just because a person works hard to earn good money does not mean they should have to pay more money for people who could not be bothered to work at all. Everyone has a right to work hard and earn money. By saying they should really sounds a bit like communism.

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