• There is no excuse

    Yes, Richard Keenan should be sentenced to death for sexual misconduct, because what he did was the equivalent of murder. Keenan destroyed the life of the young child that he chose to victimize. That child will never recover from the pain and misery that he inflicted. Keenan could be sentenced to death 20 times and it wouldn't be enough.

  • Yes, Isn't he a danger to the community?

    No one suddenly becomes a pedophile at his age. Time to look for other victims: probably a long, long trail of them. Isn't he a danger to the community? He seems to have shown no remorse or insight. There is an epidemic of pastors and priests raping kids across the country, meanwhile Americans are obsessing over who stands up during the national anthem. Disgraceful.

  • Richard Keenan should be sentenced to death

    Richard Keenan should be sentenced to death for his sexual misconduct. He was convicted of the heinous act of raping a four year old child, and has shown no remorse. In fact, he claims the child was a willing participant. Keenan's act, combined with his attitude, show he cannot be rehabilitated, and he should pay the price with his life.

  • I hate pedophiles too, but the death penalty for it is unnecessary.

    The death penalty for any crime makes no sense at all to me. Killing people to show that killing is wrong, killing people to show that pedophilia is wrong. Life in prison is a harsher sentence, and I think it should replace the death penalty. Murdering someone does not prove than murder or pedophilia is wrong. Basic knowledge should tell you that its wrong. He's already getting a life sentence.

  • As much as I don't like pedophiles, but the death penalty for sexual misconduct is too much.

    It was disturbing to read the news regard Richard Keenan's accounts. Remember, members of debate.Org. Justice is about in setting a punishment, and making an example out of the preparators. A mere knowledge of the death penalty will drive the pedophiles into the underground, thus making it hard to weed 'em out. We already have the death penalty for killers and we have too many cold cases.

    But keep in the mind that Richard Keenan faces life imprisonment. I'm beginning to think people with the history of mental illness shouldn't be allowed to have the children.

  • Death Penalty Not Appropriate

    I don't believe in the death penalty, as our justice system is too flawed to have faith that those on death row are actually guilty of the crimes they are accused of committing. And even if I did believe in the death penalty, it would not be for people who have committed sexual misconduct. It should be reserved for those who have committed murder.

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