• Lots of reasons to shut it down.

    The first reason is that when roblox got popular, even less people played minecraft. Also, there are many hackers who hack games and everyone who plays the game gets a picture of a naked girl, gives everyone this piece of clothing which makes your character have a big willie, etc. I am a kid myself and this game should be shut down. Also i have reasons that minecraft is better than roblox: In Minecraft, you pay 20$ for the whole thing, when in roblox you pay 350$ for a lifetime BC, and in roblox you cant make emoticons (like (≧σ≦), it turns this to (?S?)), and its easier to build in Minecraft.

  • Copyright Infringement Everywhere

    Everywhere you look on roblox, there is copyright infringement. Spongebob games, Pokemon games, Minecraft games... I don't know how they haven't been sued yet... Because I can guarantee you they aren't paying for the rights to use things like that.

    And the game is run by a bunch of money hungry idiots who basically try to scam people of their money for something that isn't worth a penny. Seriously, who pays $350 for a "lifetime membership" to a crappy game (if you can even call it that) except a brainwashed 7 year old kid using their parent's credit card?

  • This game is grounds for Toxic Subhuman Garbage.

    Since the times of beginning for this game it has only gotten worse for itself. Look at any point in the community and you will see nothing good come from it, only worse then when it started now. This game is here only to take advantage of baby children who shouldn't even be allowed to be on this game! We need to put a huge stop to greedy corporations that run this game and allow this game and service to run before it takes our children's lives and turns them into psychotic maniacs! If I could be any more honest I would say a game like this could work with proper care, work and supervision but ROBLOX clearly holds no resolve judging by how much by a string they have this game, always centered around controversy by it's name. Shameful. Sign the petition here to stop ROBLOX http://www.Anne.jpg

  • Bad Admins, Bad Players, Overall Bad Game

    As said on here before, the admins are really stubborn and refuse to listen. The game - graphics, gameplay - it is all bland. The players are cocky losers. They've even decided to copy some of Minecraft's stuff. In fact, when I asked them to delete my profiles since I decided to completely leave the site, they refused to delete my profiles! HORRIBLE GAME!

  • Awful Awful Game

    I don't think I've ever wanted a game to shut down as bad as Roblox - it is just awful. There are whiny idiotic users that complain and probably fill the report systems with nonsense, the games are mainly copied though there are some good original ones (but not very many), there are so many ODers and Roblox does NOTHING about them.

  • Can't stand stealing

    I personally don't like this game because of the art theft. Seriously? Don't post art and claim it as your own! That's stealing and its against the law. If one of the artists decided to sue you they'd win. Have some respect. And the admins don't do anything about it? What kind of group are you trying to run?

  • This game is aids

    It's full of cringy fashion ads, cussing kids, online daters, fashion groups, online dater games, click bait games, games that are FMs but get popular, and much much more. Just take it down already. Just please take it down. A 12 year lifespan is long enough. Just shut, it, down.

  • Roblox is lagining

    ROBLOX is laging so hard and deletes peaples email and passwors and mackes them guasts ok i am done so here is my scrable thfghkgnbkgfnkbnfbnfgnbn ghbgbgfbhfghb;kghbxhgbjg;;fgbhfgbgb gjfbfgfbghj hh g lffl lfl glhgfuhg;jkhglghg ghk g gjk jkjgh gjk jkg gj g g gj,. Gj, gj,g, j, gjg, jg g,j gu, g,h g, vr

  • Completely garbage website

    The games on ROBLOX are purely fueled with copyright infringement.
    Admins don't listen to anyone at all, even if you manage to spam them.
    Overpriced items, obviously showing that ROBLOX is money hungry.
    Why do you think they removed tickets? Or that their QnA of the removal of tickets consisting of only financial related topics?
    Hackers are a big thing, but that goes for anywhere in general.
    The players who use the ice package arm, zombie package, pirate, etc. are severely toxic.

  • Roblox removed tix

    ROBLOX removed tix, next it is going to be ROBUX, and then the accounts. ROBLOX is being ruined. ROBLOX moderators should just discard or complete ROBLOX so ROBLOX players don't have to be tortured. Yes you can disagree with me but it is true. And scams. So many scams. Here's a good question if all those noobs got ROBUX why do they still look like noobs and have no ROBUX?

  • NO Just no

    People are just useless these days they think its the games fualt no! Its the players fault stop do this if you think this game is perverted then your an idiot i think you should go to logic roblox dosent create these games besides he can take the game down if he wanted to plus sure there are role play but those are just thing like movies or wuddver so dont be dumb

  • Roblox has many good areas and very good skills to be learned.

    Despite the ODers and the idiots, Roblox has a good community with many intelligent people, clans, front pages are becoming more quality games and more people are becoming intelligent, are growing with the game and with the clans, and countries, roblox is heading in a very positive direction which will attract many many new players to this game.

  • Never shut it down

    Why would you want it to shut down? Is it because you are a Minecraft fan or. Something to that extent. Roblox is like any other MMORPG game. I am a Roblox fan myself so I would not want it to shut down. That's that. It's just a gaming site.

  • It's not Minecraft. Shut up.

    Oh my god, this is literally the most stupid thing I've ever seen. Your opinion that Minecraft is better is so irrelevant to the game itself. In Roblox, you can do TONS more than in Minecraft. Roblox is much more kid friendly, and a lot more fun. There's more to do. Your bad opinion about a website that helps children build, code, etc shouldn't mean that the entire thing gets shut down.

  • The people saying yes don't have a problem with roblux.

    Just to make it clear for everyone, the people who keep saying "yes shut it down" are not using points against roblox specifically just negative comments. Lets go over a few.

    "game costs $350"
    no it doesn't it's free.

    "the game uses copyright and licensed things without permission"
    so does deviant art and literally anyone who has ever drawn a picture of pikachu without first talking to nintendo.
    (this person wants to sue artists on deviant art because they too are using unlicensed art)

    "The game uses ads before I can play a game and I have to pay to get rid of those ads"
    Have you been to youtube? They do the same thing. It's called youtube red.
    (we need to shut down youtube and every television channel because they have commercials.)

    "I have to pay money to get extra from a game"
    Yep that's how life works. Have you ever tried a free app on the app store or any game with paid DLC?
    (after you shut down roblox be sure to shut down everything else like skyrim, fallout, GTA5, and 90% of the app store.)

    "terrible admins and hackers"
    I have never once seen a need for an admin or seen anyone hack.

    "half the players are childish noobs"
    If at first you don't succeed - you suck go away. Everyone was a noob once. Not everyone is perfect from the start so noobs are ok. As for people being childish... You really complain about people being childish? In that case lets shut down COD because it has 15 year olds playing it and nobody is allowed to have children anymore because childish is a crime that needs to be stopped. How dare you be free spirited.

    And that counters every reason saying yes that I can see. Maybe more people would agree with your point if you actually had one.

    TL:DR= everyone saying to shut down the game uses a reason to shut down many things that are not roblux like anything that has commercials or anything with user created content that is not 100% original.

  • This is opinionated.

    You say that two of your reasons are "it got more popular than minecraft" and "minecraft is better". The hackers are only for very popular games; you can play ROBLOX and have a small community. Just because you can't use emoticons and "it's easier to build in minecraft" does not mean the site more popular that minecraft should be shut down.

  • When you have legal Problems sue them.

    When you have legal Problems ther is a way to sue somone who is stealing or using copyrided material. Trying to shutting down the host is targeting the wrong person.

    You shoud not target something for a flat of someone else, and in a free market you don#t have to buy from them.

  • All you just-minecraft-fans are complete JERKS

    I play minecraft and roblox (Idc what you say)
    and I play roblox MORE because it has more CUSTOMIZATION.
    If you think roblox should be shut down than... Poor you!
    Because the makes of roblox don't care if you die-hard minecraft fans want it shut down!
    So rant all you want but they won't shut it down!

  • Why do you need to shut ROBLOX down?

    It doesn't harm anything or anyone so why do you need to shut it down, If your talking about inappropriate stuff filling up then just report it, It's that simple. If you want to shutdown a game use a proper reason instead of "OMG BECUZ MINECRAFT IS BETTER" or "Its easier to build on Minecraft" becuase ROBLOX is a platform.

  • Its lit why

    There is no reason to take down such a liitttt game i love it so much and its a great game, you dont take down something so many people enjoy, its a game ffs, unless it has really hurt you stop playing but no reason to take the game down

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