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  • New plan will eliminate garbage problem

    The trash piled up in Rome's streets has damaged the city's reputation, but not as bad has having the mob run rampant. The city council can fix the trash problem very quickly by overhauling the waste management authority. Waste management has been a problem for Rome for many years, but it can be managed without the mob.

  • No, Rome should not allow the mob back in to get rid of its trash.

    No, Rome should not condone mob activity or bring the mob back in to clear up corruption or crime, also referred to as trash. Mob activity and actions are often deemed illegal and unorthodox, which is not a suitable or ethical practice for the government to condone in any country.

  • Rome should not allow the mob to fix its problems

    Rome should not allow the mob back to fix its problems. These can only be rectified by government and law enforcement. The mob operates under its own rules, outside of the law. This creates a situation in which the mob gains too much power and cannot be controlled by the government.

  • That wouldn't help anything

    Rome should not allow the mob back, because that would only create more chaos. To allow the mob is to allow lawlessness. There is nothing to be gained by letting a select group of people take the law into their own hands. If they want to clean up society, they need to get rid of police corruption and fund law enforcement efforts, not allow people to resort to back-room justice.

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