• Russia Does Not Need So Much Land

    I understand why Russia owns Siberia but some of its land claims are not fair.Russia owns all of Northern Asia.Some of its land should be given.An example is Sakhalin.Russia should give it to Japan.Japan wanted to purchase Sakhalin from Russia but Russia declined.Come on Russia give other countries a chance to expand.

  • They have always had this land (hundreds of years)

    The Russians acquired most of this land hundreds of years ago. In the 1900s they aquired a lot of land as the Soviet Union but most of the land they acquired then has been given back to the rightful people. There are still some other ethnic groups than Russian in Russia's grip but they have had this land for so long and it hadn't been an issue in the past(not including Soviet Union).

  • Russia owns land that doesn't belong to them

    Russia should only be as big as the area originally populated by Russians. They need to let go of all the Turkic, Uralic, Caucasian, and Siberian people and stay in their territory.

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  • Yes, but these arguments are terrible.

    I argue yes because possibly millions of Manchurian Chinese are currently migrating into Eastern Russia, and it doesn't seem like it will be stopping soon. At some point, there will be so much of a Chinese population in this region that it will be more trouble than it's worth Russia to keep them under Russian control. But many other people's arguments for this side are dreadful. "Russia should exchange... The very north of Russia for... Tropic India or tropic China." What? So your solution to population density is that we force millions of Indians to leave their home and live in some secluded Indian annex in the Arctic Circle where they have no history of living? But at least you understand they won't give it away for free. Others think that Vladamir Putin, of all people, would give away land out of good will just to help other nations' population problems. This isn't Kindergarten, this is politics. Everyone wants an edge, especially Russia and China.

  • But where will they build their concentration camps then?

    Still, the smaller Russia is, the better for the rest of us. Russians are naive if they think China will let them waste all of this land forever. Putin is so embroiled in his childish games with the West that he doesn't even see what is coming. Those Eastern cities already have their Chinese names, I hear.

  • Not share but Exchange the land

    What my Suggestion is, Russia should not share but Exchange the land. For example Exchange 100 square Kilometers in the very North of Russia for 1 square kilometer of tropic India or tropic China, where no snow, good harvest and etc. I think it is fare. But what I know for sure that there no indian or chineese guy who could withstand that weird northen Russian climate. Only Russians as strongest people can live there. By the way, why Russia? You know that Canada and Australia has less population density then Russia! Ask them to share first!

  • Russia should not have so much land.

    Historically, a lot of the land which is now part of the Russian Federation did not belong to Russia. In the future, it is likely that the Chinese will take control of Manchuria and Siberia. It makes sense that an overpopulated country should expand into the far east region of Russia, which has a small population.

  • Yes, they should

    They should give some of their land to, say, China or Japan, because they're both very densely populated. Russia has like 143,000,000 people. China's got over 1,000,000,000 people, and Japan has 126,000,000 people and their country is quite small compared to Russia. So give the land to countries who need it.

  • Russia needs to share

    I strongly believe that Russia does not need as much land as it has now.Why is it that Russia cant share its land and lets other countries expand or even have a new country.Russia is the largest country in the world and there are countries that probably have more or the same amount of people in it but there country is smaller.RUSSIA SHOULD DEFINITELY MOST POSITIVELY NOT HAVE SO MUCH LAND.

  • It really doesn't matter

    Russia is huge, its a fact. But its all pretty much all cold and not great. So what use would it be for any European or Asian country? I think the reason why Russia is so big is that nobody else wanted that land! Again, its largely cold and covered in snow so its not much use for other nations. I slightly agree with you that Russia is too big but its really not harming anyone is it? Correct me if I'm wrong because I honestly don't know, its just a gut feeling.

  • Using Russian logic, NO

    Historically, Russia comprised a very small amount of territory. They then began to expand rapidly, as many countries do. But according to Russian logic, the majority of Russian land should be "returned" to its rightful/original owners. Most Russians use the fact that Crimea *once was* Russia to justify the illegitimate occupation...Using this same logic, Russia practically would not exist on a map.

    On a more serious note, independence should be granted to various regions of Russia. I personally would love to see Russia collapse into smaller countries---less Russia, less problems.

  • Mother Russia is better than America ...

    Mother Russia , Syria , Lebanon and Iran are good to the world.
    They are not bad as the media says ...
    Usa and Israel are the truly terrorist who attack others ...
    Iran is not attacking and even Russia is just defendind herself.
    NATO is lying to Russia and they are provoquing Moscow...

  • It's Russian people's land

    It's our (Russian) people's land and only our people have exclusive right to control this territory, American and European and other people don't have this right. Attempts to challenge it can be fatal for the states that decide to do make this mistake (examples: Napoleon's First French Empire and Hitler's Nazi Germany).

  • Come and get it if you dare!

    Yes we do have a lot of land, much of it unpopulated and should not be populated, it is our nature, we protect it and we certainly enjoy living here. If we gave it to Europeans they would build all over it and turn it into another endless parking lot. Moscow is already growing like cancer, but central Russia is mostly empty. Chinese can choke on their own smog, we are not letting them a single cm^2. As for Europe, Eastern part is already dense. I don't think we will be giving away any land, unless our good Putin leaves, and some other retarded polit-correct deep throat replaces him, then... We will be in trouble.

  • Asian Russia INDEPENDANT

    Asian Part of Russia should govern it self, there is no reason its part of Russia. And other world has still no access to this region due to Mocow's political motives. How many of you know Russia, and if anyone knows Khakassia? Anybody understands where is Buryatia? Every body knows Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan any one can point where is Bashkortastan?

  • Russia has very less population. No countries = no problem.

    In fact India and China also USA is more populated than Russia. Although it is cold, Russia should give away useful land to other nations , atleast some part of it. Because Japan, China, US and India have dense population but very very less land territory!!! These countries are struggling to stay well supplied with resources.

  • Cool, but you're first!

    Excellent, in that case, let's give Alaska to India. Because they have no land in the northern hemisphere and so many people in the country! And in Alaska a lot of vacant land. After such a good example of the most democratic country in the world, we will give the land to the right of the Ural Mountains to China and Japan.

  • The Diplomatic Reason

    Russia has no reason to sell or give away it's land. Granted, they do not lead the land, but the majority of it is near uninhabbitable, therefore making it useless to nations with high population densities. Any other nation would also not give away territory randomly. Canada, for example, has mass expanses of land and a very small poulation.

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Quan says2013-06-10T12:29:06.540
It's theirs. They earned it. Good luck trying to take it from them.