Should Russian track and field athletes be banned from the Olympics?

  • Yes, cheating needs to be punished

    The rules against performance enhancing drugs are clear and should be enforced. Had this situation only been a handful of athletes that acted on their own, then they would be the only ones banned. The Russian government, however, ran a secret program to dope their athletes and try to get away with it. They should be banned.

  • They are cheaters

    Russian athletes should definitely be banned from the Olympics for cheating the system. They added an unfair advantage by taking enhancements. The other athletes competing with them are swimming clean, running clean etc. it's not fair. They need to be taught a lesson or they will do it again. Putin can't win this battle.

  • Drug Use Should Equal Disqualification from Olympics

    Given the repeated and continued use of prohibited performance enhancing drugs the Russian track and field athletes should be banned from not one but two Olympic Games in the coming years. Prohibited means prohibited and if punishment doesn't fit the crime to render a solution then the games should be suspended completely.

  • Russian track and field athletes should be banned from the Olympics

    Russian track and field athletes should be banned from the Olympics. In fact, the entire Russian Federation should be banned from the Olympics. The methods it used to undermine drug testing is straight out of a mystery novel, Complete with counter intelligence and other methods. There should be no room for this kind of behavior in the Olympics.

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